City hit rock bottom – the thoughts of an insignificant irrelevant

Hopelessly pathetic. That’s how one must describe Hull City A.F.C. right now. 

The midfield is rudderless, the defence is amateur and the attack is playing the hide and seek game better than Madeline McCann’s guilty parents. In sending the Tigers dead bottom of the Championship table, Sheffield United didn’t even have to get out of second gear to record a 1-0 victory, and that if anything exemplifies the ineptness of Nigel Adkins’ side as we reach the conclusion of the first quarter of the season. 

A 924 strong away following witnessed another horror show. The actual end result courtesy of a David McGoldrick penalty doesn’t look all that catastrophic, but let’s faze all with a dose of reality. City came to Bramall Lane to gain a point, and there was little indication to suggest they could achieve that. Everything was just so negative – despite the joy of two blokes up front. There was little innovation and a reluctance to push forward. Creativity is rare whilst misplaced passes and tedious moves are the norm for a side lacking any real quality. 

That’s the bottom line. City’s current predicament is all down to the petty actions of two despised people. Of course the managers team selections, tactics and substitutions are perplexing to say the least, but the reasoning for the current woes comes down to a weak squad, a squad sold down the drain so Ehab could make a few extra quid, but then again lambo payments and yachts anchored in St Tropez can’t be the cheapest of pastimes. Far from it. That might explain the continued rushed transfer activity as close to deadline day as possible with the end result always the same. Cheap, inept and shite. 

Hull City can scrape together a modestly average first eleven, but anything beyond that really does lack quality. The first dozen results of the season tell you that. There’s no fire power – there’s not even any go-forward. Perhaps it’s become unfashionable to criticise certain individuals but they can’t be absent from it. We’d much rather lavish praise on potential if the potential was there but what we are seeing right now is quite frankly rubbish. 

Defensively City are abysmal. It’s so easy to carve your way through the Tigers and only a poor sequence of finishing from the Blunts prevented a more sinister outcome. In attack it was no better – one can think of only one occasion where the opposition goalkeeper was called into real action.


The captain Markus Henriksen, who is supposed to lead by example, runs around hopelessly with no indication he can handle the pressure of the role. When you compare the Norwegian to the captain of a decade ago, Ian Ashbee, there’s a startling contrast. Henriksen doesn’t inspire you. He isn’t a captain, unless captaining the cardboard cut out line up of the arthritic community. He’s just not good enough, and he’s not the only one. 

Elsewhere Stephen Kingsley is perhaps the worst left back of recent memory, although we have been spoilt with the brilliance of Andy Robertson under this regime. Even young Josh Tymon had moments of real quality in a Hull City shirt. The ex-Swansea and dare we say Premier League player though resembles a minor fraction of that prominence. He’s a liability. Like many of his peers. 

Up front Nouha Dicko showed some admirable moments of graft if anything else, but Chris Martin was hopeless, and had failed to offer any spark which has seen him emerge over the years as a respectable striker at this level, whilst Tommy Elphick and Reece Burke provided some certainly bizarre exchanges of passing. Someone send the memo that goal is to find a teammate in a Black and Amber shirt. Please. It was utterly shambolic at times.

No-one is exempt from criticism though. It’s a rudderless ship only going one way – heading through the League One trap door quickly than Allam senior can wish death on a proportion of Hull City fans. We never forget. The constant reminders are there after all – no concessions, a loathed membership scheme, AllamGate, and a playing squad that’s had its many layers of skin ripped from it to the point it resembles nothing more than a skeleton. That’s the legacy of Hull City under the Allam regime and whatever joy was brought in the early years has had the life sucked out of it now. It’s a cancerous, rotten club, with many fans alienated, or either boycotting or arguing amongst each other on social media. 

Hull City is a grim place to be and there is no sense of any light emerging from the tunnel. It doesn’t matter if you are either pro or anti-Allam, things ultimately won’t improve until they vacant the football club. 

With rumours of a sale rapidly growing, its time we all come together and push the result we all desire, especially the local media, who, whether we like it or not, have the most power. They should be scrutinising the two Egyptian bastards into the ground, and we’re not talking about a few column inches or a front page headline every six months. We don’t care who we upset, the bottom line is the Allams need to go. The club is dying – to some it’s already a dead club – and there’s a lot of soul searching to be done. 

Meanwhile on the field, Nigel Adkins is losing his popularity by the week, and that’s sad to see. He’s a nice guy, and yes he’s made mistakes, but despite the question marks the truth is that he’s got his hands tied by the individuals that employed him.

Watching Hull City is a chore, and despite an alcohol fuelled sequence of chanting, enjoyment is few and far between. You really do have to applaud those that still put up with it week in week out. It’s actually amazing how they persist with it. But for now at least, there’s relief that next week is an international break, and therefore a weekend without frustration. Allam Out.


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