Bott crowned Player of the Month

After a Supporter’s vote Attacking Midfielder Liberty Bott has been given Hull City Ladies’ Player of the Month award for August. The award was very well deserved as Bott has put in some excellent performances so far this season looking more than comfortable at this level with her skill, passing range and finishing ability and of course a peach of an equaliser against Derby. 

We spoke to her just before the season for an interview with “The Tigress”, the Hull City Ladies match day programme. Here’s what Lib had to say including talking about her ambitions for the season ahead, her time playing football in America and much more.

  1. Hull City Ladies have just begun a historic journey at a level they have never reached before, have the players set themselves any targets ahead of the season and do you set yourself any personal targets at the start of each season?

I think everyone is extremely proud to get to where we are now and a huge focus in the team is on maintaining positive attitudes and confidence as there’s nowhere near as much pressure on us now compared to last year. I always want to better myself and I aim to get as many minutes under my belt and I have set myself a goal and assist target this season.

  1. How did pre-season go? Did you enjoy the new training regimes such as Hot Yoga?There was a lot to learn throughout pre-season and it was a challenge given the abundance of young talent joining the squad. I absolutely loved Hot Yoga during pre-season, I’m quite a chilled person so it’s something that I will continue to do throughout the season – especially in the winter, namaste there for a while!
    1. You made a real impact in the final few games of last season, scoring some memorable goals in the process, how do you plan to continue that form this season?

    I ended the last season on such a high and I have come into this season with the same mentality, I feel really focused and prepared. Last season I was only able to attend one training session a week, this season I can and have been attending all 3 which I think is massively important and I’m noticing the difference in my performances and fitness.

    1. You’ve been wearing the number 10 shirt this pre-season, do you see that attacking midfielder role as your favoured position and have you always played there?

    Actually, word on the street is I’m the new number 7? haha Out with the old in with the new, goodbye clouds of grey hello skies of blue. In terms of the number 10 role I would never have considered myself a central player before as I’ve always played on the left wing or left back. But I really enjoy my new position and enjoy the fact that I have a lot to learn about it.

    1. Tell us a bit about your footballing journey, from a local school to City Ladies Number 7 via the USA?

    I have played football since I can remember throughout school and at the Hull Centre of Excellence, I always dreamed of playing football in the USA so I went and did that when I was 18 for 3 years. As soon as I came home from America I knew that I wanted to play for Hull City Ladies, they looked very professional and played good football from when I used to watch them as a spectator and I wanted to be involved in that.

    1. What’s the college system like for young female footballers in America and what’s the standard like?

    It was very competitive and more academically focused than in the UK so you had to pass everything in order to play etc. The standard wasn’t as high as what I expected, the National League is definitely the highest level I’ve played at which is why I’m so excited just to be here.

    1. Who has been the biggest influence on your career and who are your football or other sporting heroes?

    My stepdad played for Hull City way back when with Dean Windass and he’s always been a great sporting influence on me. Steven Gerrard, Salah, the one and only Becks oh and Jesminda from Bend It Like Beckham are my sporting heroes.

    1. What do you feel your strengths are as a player?

    Apart from me being an excellent changing room DJ and social secretary, I think I’ve got good vision on and off the ball and can pick out passes, especially to Hope as I think we’re always on the same wavelength – idiots.

    1. If there is one area of your game that you could improve what would you want it to be?

    Definitely my physicality, especially as we’re playing in a higher league I need to make sure I can compete. I also have a lot to learn about my new role as a number 10 so I want to ensure I study Premier League players in that position, a good excuse to go to pub to watch games really!

    1. One of the ambitions of Hull City Ladies is to become a WSL team one day, do you think that we will ever see the day when Hull has a fully professional women’s football team?

    I fully trust the game plan and just go with it, I have no doubts that this team can go all the way one day!

    1. When you’re not playing or training, what does your typical day consist of, What is your occupation & do you have other interests away from football?

    If I’m not at Leeds Uni then I’m working part time for a housing company in Hull, I spend most of my time watching Netflix and with my fwends. My only other interest is Britney Spears, sorry Katie (the old number 7)!

    1. With the recent success of the Ladies national side and the appointment of Phil Neville as the manager of the Lionesses, do you think that women’s football in general is given enough exposure in the media both locally and nationally that it deserves?

    I don’t think it’s anywhere near what it should be and probably never will be but we’re definitely getting somewhere. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the Hull City men’s side on board eventually, that would be a huge benefit to the squad as funding is crucial at this stage.




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