Hull City could be sold by Christmas…. The lies and ramblings of a delusional tyrant

As you will all have seen by now tyrannical Hull City AFC Co-Owner Ehab Allam has given a rare interview to The Guardian, published today, that has further underlined his complete ignorance and arrogance towards the fans of our club.

Ehab should have been a politician, he was born for it. The verbal diarrhoea that spills from his mouth would go down well in Westminster but not in Hull. He said Hull City could be sold by Christmas and that they must be one of the most attractive clubs in the Championship. He claimed that he was doing a good job of making the club saleable to new owners adding that the fans don’t understand that because they are only interested in the clubs league position. It’s incredible how much can be wrong with just one statement.

Firstly how are the Allams making the club saleable? The club don’t own the stadium and the Allams own the SMC which many people believe they will attempt to keep hold of even if they sell the club, so what assets are you offering to the new owners? because there certainly aren’t any saleable assets on the pitch right now! Deals have been on the table before with just the i’s to be dotted and the t’s to be crossed then the Allams moved the goalposts at the last minute and the deals fell through.

With just a few exceptions, wealthy powerful people who look to buy football clubs pay attention to previous dealings the people they are looking to strike a deal with have done, anyone assessing the behaviour of the Allams will give City a wide berth as the Dai family and Chien Lee did not so long ago opting to purchase Reading and Barnsley respectively instead.

Secondly how does the league position not matter? We all know a Championship club is more saleable than a League One side especially when, even though Ehab denies it, the club is dying and crowds are dwindling. Incredibly Ehab stated that the key for the club was sustainability whether that be in the Championship or League 1! How is League One sustainable for a club like City? The crowds are already dangerously low, imagine what they would be like if City are relegated this season.

derby league cup
Apparently this is sustainable…

In the Championship a new owner would see prospects and opportunities, you are only one promotion away from the promised land after all. A bit of shrewd investment could get City back there under new owners but that won’t be the case in League One. There would be too many variables and too much to risk for potential buyers. Some will point out that the Allams may well end up giving the club away for £1 or a nominal fee like they paid for the club in 2010 but the reality is they have effectively loaned the club millions that they will be looking to recoup when they leave, nothing is ever simple in Ehab’s world of smoke and mirrors.

He went on the say that the owners are emotionally detached from the fans and that the fans didn’t understand how he was going about his business at the club. It’s true that the Allams did bring great times to this club at the beginning as he is always keen to ram down our throats but that has all long gone now.

Even when Steve Bruce was the manager and we were flying high there was a storm brewing and there is little wonder the vast majority of fans despise the owners because they have done numerous well documented things to the fans that are simply not acceptable. Add into that a relegation and the persistent asset stripping of the club’s most talented players and it’s not surprising at all that the fans are “emotionally detached” from the owners, I think there are a few more industrial phrases you could use to describe the relationship that would be more on the money.

Fans are “Emotionally unattached” from the owner

He “grinned like a cheshire cat” when asked about the potential sale of the club, I’d love to think that’s because he has several offers on the table and the sale is imminent but if you believe that you should hop on a train to Westminster and take Ehab with you. The reality is the tyrants are going nowhere and they are as delusional as ever.

Support the team not the regime!

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