City Season Shorts – Dead Club

Reality bites, doesn’t it? A first win of the Championship season was quickly followed up with defeat to Stoke, with Hull City then crashing out of the League Cup in pretty humiliating fashion, with a record LOW crowd at the KCOM Stadium there to witness it. 

What a legacy.

Here’s what we’ve made of the past week:

1.. Dead Club

Hull City fan group Tigerlink first used this superlative to describe the Allam regime and it’s pretty accurate, as anyone who had the misfortune of seeing Tuesday’s pics around the KCOM Stadium will inform you. Those images are a fine example of what that regime has done to Hull City Association Football Club. It’s heartbreaking and it doesn’t stand alone. For Championship games now, the stadium is less than half full. There’s probably more bird droppings than people in attendance, and it’s only going one way. Allam Out.

2.. Vicky Beercock

It stinks of amateur hour that Hull City’s Head of Marketing & Communications is openly engaging in a war of words with fans on Twitter. It’s embarrassing. We want dialogue, but why can’t we all discuss things properly? Like in a proper meeting alongside many supporter groups (not just Allam’s puppets) with proper consultation and minutes coming out, and not by tweeting. Ms Beercock doesn’t help herself. Her lack of understanding and ignorance to the situation is astounding. Attendances tell you everything you need to know. The club is failing.

3.. Derby

The League Cup game against Derby was as bad as it gets. It highlighted, not that it was needed, the absolute necessity for Hull City to sign new players, something Ehab should have done weeks ago instead of masquerading around his yacht and participating in other alleged nocturnal activities. Supporting Hull City is almost impossible now. They’re a club very hard to love. What incentive is there to attend? This isn’t Hull City. It’s Assem and Ehab’s ongoing vendetta towards the supporters after the failed Hull Tigers name change, a project abolished in more prominent fashion than a L**ds United promotion push. City’s current predicament is completely on their hands.

4.. Stoke

Post-Rotherham there was some blind optimism creeping about. Great to win again of course, but it was Rotherham, who won’t exactly be pulling up trees this season. A few days later Stoke gave City a dose of reality, and that reality is that we have a very weak squad that will perform minor miracles if they avoid the League One trap door this season.


5.. Kamil Grosicki

Local media outlets linking Kamil to more clubs than Tiger Woods beds women has become increasingly tedious. Understand there’s a need to fill column inches but why not do that by asking serious questions of the owners, and not naming potential destinations for the Polish international every five minutes.

6.. Blaming Nigel

Maybe you could argue his tactics haven’t been the best, but to blame Nigel Adkins for anything going wrong at Hull City right now is preposterous. He’s an absolute gent. Takes time out what we’re sure is an energy sapping and highly infuriating job to attend both under-23s and ladies fixtures. He’s a class act. Shame Ehab doesn’t support him.

7.. Protests

Protests were on occasions criticised last season but surely anything that keeps any remote pressure on the Allams is a good thing. Understand the need to support the team but the team is doomed. Number one priority has to be getting those tyrants out of the football club. Militants, do your thing.

protest forest

8.. Trevor Dunn

The treatment towards Trevor Dunn’s family after the sad passing of the former has been disgraceful. To actually receive a death certificate and then still persist to claim unpaid membership fees is revolting. Absolute set of bastards. But then to actually go on an lie about the situation. There are no words. This is the best run football club in the country, ladies and gentlemen.

9.. Loan signings

The deadline for loan signings is this Friday. Should we hold much hope? Probably not. This is going to be a long and hopeless Championship season. Our first XI is okay, but as the League Cup tie against the Rams highlighted, the fringe players aren’t good enough. As far as convincing goes, there’s some work to be done.

10.. Fanzine

NEW ONE! A brand new fanzine is out this Saturday. Issue 38. Packed with 40-pages of independent Hull City content that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s funny, opinionated and only a couple of quid. Selling locations are in West Park opposite Parkers, near the Stadium Bus Stop, Blue Bridge and near the Walton Street Car Park cut through. Enjoy.

fanatic hull issue 38

You can also pre-order the fanzine here 

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