City Season Shorts – Fortune favours the brave

It’s not a drill, and yes Hull City have actually won their first match of the 2018/2019 Championship campaign. 

The feat was achieved with a 3-2 victory away at Rotherham, which followed on from the theatrics of a home shocker against Blackburn just three days prior. Never short of points for general chit-chat are we…

Here’s what FanaticHull’s editor Dan has made of the past week:

1.. Victorious

City won their first match in ninety minutes this season thanks to Tuesdays low quality, five goal bonanza in South Yorkshire. A brace from Aussie long haired sensation Jackson Irvine, and a cheeky delicate finish from ex-greedy bastard Frazier Campbell, were enough to see off Rotherham at their fancy new ground, allegedly named after the city of New York following regular Steel shipments from the town to the Big Apple. You learn something new everyday.

2.. Perspective

Three points is three points but following City has taught us wisdom. One cannot get too excited with a first league victory given our current and rather tedious circumstances. In facing newly promoted Rotherham, defensive detriments were still at the forefront of City’s problems. Yes, we’re still scared of leather round things – a free header was gifted to the Millers, and they got a soft second goal too, not to mention chances to further punish the luminous short wearing City players. Not a fan of the new third kit, but at least it’s not pink. Something our fellow stadium tenants Hull FC are currently enduring. Wins a win and all that, but perspective is needed.


3.. Support

The support from the City fans was outstanding. There were just over a 1,000 of them, and they made a racket from start to finish, reminding us all how good it should be to follow our local team. Coincidentally, the first ‘Allam Out’ chant occurred almost imminently after kick-off. Good to know those fans, a few of which adorned some slick anti-Allam threads, are still keeping the pressure up on the pirates. Not that it will drive them out, but it reinforces our stance and for a watching audience on television, it just enhances that point a bit more. Allam Out.

4.. So good

The main Hull City positive coming out of Rotherham away was the performance of Jackson Irvine. Credit must go to Nigel Adkins, who, amongst waving at us and hand gesturing the need for more support, played the top-knot Aussie larker on the left wing. What a decision. Irvine was a nuisance all evening and some of his touches oozed quality. His first goal came from a splendid team move and his second was also a confident finish. Jackson was class, and as the song goes, long hair never looked so good, so good, so good.

jackson irvine.jpg

5.. Cruddy Saturday

One shudders at the thought of reminiscing over Saturday’s dismal display, but it’s a cold reminder to us all that one swallow doesn’t make a summer. It was mafting in South Yorkshire, and that was a top night following City away, but the Blackburn fiasco was horrendous, and can’t be forgotten. City have the makings of an above average side, but the ability to do that Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday remains out in the open. Rotherham are almost as bad as us, and it’s still going to be a miserable winter with more lows than highs. Still, we can enjoy that one, and bask in some long overdue glory.

6.. Bowen

Jarrod Bowen burst onto the City scene last season with a respectable sequence of goals under Leonid Slutsky. They dried up once Adkins came in but the Herefordshire-born winger remains one of limited City players who can actually run at the opposition with pace. Our cover star, young Jarrod, who last summer flipped tyres in his spare time, grafted well for the team on Tuesday night and he caused Rotherham some problems. He got a full ninety minutes under his belt and linked much better with his fellow forward players.

7.. The midfield maestros

Dan Batty returned to the side at Rotherham and put in another fairly decent display. He’s a local lad that passed the ball with some distinction alongside his captain and centre midfield partner Markus Henriksen. The Norwegian Tiger will continue to have his face smudged with criticism but he led by example here. Tougher challenges obviously await for Markus and his peers, and we’ll wait with anticipation what he and the squad are like at Stoke come Saturday.


8.. Attack

City’s attack against Blackburn was absolutely hopeless. There was nothing about it and the only threat again came from one of the top knot twins – no not Will Keane. The other one, aka Jackson Irvine, had a couple of digs whilst running at the Lancastrains but it fizzled out when the rest of the team resembled a bunch of arthritic cardboard cut outs. It really was bad and got the alarm bells ringing. At Rotherham, it was much better, but it’s only Rotherham, who aren’t exactly the dogs bollocks, and seem to flirt between the Championship and League One more regularly than Ehab spits his dummy out on Instagram.

9.. Concessions

One of the FanaticHull lads is a student, and whilst us full paying adults rightly paid £23 for the pleasure of the New York Stadium, a ground one must say has character and is not like your stereotypical new, shiny and soulless bowl, he had the fortune of concession prices at £13. A simple luxury that evades match going kids/students/the elderly at the Tigerdome, thanks to the vindictive, bitter and twisted imbeciles that run our football club. For the record, juniors were less than a tenner here as Rotherham clearly want their support, and could certainly pass on some tips to Allamland, unless it’s to do with goal music, then they can sod right off.

10.. Fanzine

Thanks to everyone who has bought the August edition of the fanzine. There’s been a gap for an in-print independent Hull City fanzine for a while now and we’re going absolutely nowhere. We strive to get better all the time and our sales and exposure is reflecting that. We hope you enjoy, and continue to enjoy, the publication. For a shameless plug, be sure to check out our online shop here.

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