Woeful City already bang in trouble

These are dark times at Hull City AFC. “The best run club in the country” is sinking faster than the Titanic with Captain Ehab at the helm and first mate Adkins in the engine room.

It’s hard to decide which was more depressing on Saturday. The performance on the pitch or the vast banks of empty seats around the KCOM Stadium. The two are both chapters in the increasingly depressing and damaging reign of the Allam Family.

Why can’t they take a leaf out of Vincent Tan’s book? A few of the FanaticHull lads watched the Cardiff v Newcastle first half in William Gemmell and the TV cameras showed Tan standing proudly on the touchline of a packed Cardiff City Stadium in his Cardiff Shirt watching his side earn a Premier League point. He came in heavy handed at Cardiff and made some poor branding decisions. He wanted to change the heritage of the club as the Allams tried to do but unlike the Allams he realised he was wrong, apologised and put things right, it’s not difficult although when it takes the Allams three years to change a twitter name you give up hoping for such reconciliation.

City recorded their second lowest league attendance at the KCOM since it opened on Saturday afternoon and those who stayed away were the lucky ones. Ehab won’t care though he still makes a profit without us fans so I guess we can “die when we want”.

A depressingly empty East Stand

While the start to the season had been far from spectacular so far there were some signs of positivity after the two trips to the Steel City last week. All of that optimism quickly evaporated against Blackburn. City were terrible, shocking, woeful, pathetic, take your pick they were that bad and it all means one thing, they look doomed.

Blackburn came to the KCOM with a gameplan, they were far from special themselves but they never looked overly worried by City. Adam Armstrong ran the game for the visitors who exposed the clear weaknesses in City’s defence time and again. City meanwhile never got anything going, their passing was laboured and misguided, they were hit on the break with ease and looked wobbly at the back and barely created anything at the other end.

Jarrod Bowen looked lost on the wing, whenever he got the ball there was about as much movement as you see in a cemetry and he had to try and beat three defenders or pass it back towards his own goal. Jon Toral had similar problems while Fraizer Campbell must have borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak because his teammates clearly couldn’t see him.

You could sense from the off it was going to be a bad day for City. As the first half wore on you could hear a pin drop around the KCOM. When you can hear defenders shouting at each other from the top of the South Stand you know things are bad. The only positive was that David Marshall was having an excellent game, keeping City in it with some fine saves throughout. He takes some stick, and rightly so at times but here he was the only one to come out of the game with any credit. Even he couldn’t prevent Blackburn taking the lead though.

Elliott Bennett looked lively all game and he exploited the meandering Eric Lichaj to send in a fizzing cross that was met by an unmarked Bradley Dack who smashed the ball home at the near post. A good finish from an excellent player but his play acting antics in the second half were pathetic. Grow and pair and get a hair cut.

Dack celebrates

As the second half progressed Nigel Adkins looked like a broken man. You could see him on the touchline desperately trying to get something out of his team. Jackson Irvine looked dangerous when he actually ran at players but after ten minutes of trying he realised none of his teammates were on the same page as him and he just gave up. The Aussie top knot enthusiast was pelted with chants of “You’re just a shit Jimmy Bullard” from the Blackburn fans, comical but sadly true. We shouldn’t just pick out individuals though, this was a collectively abject display. Time after time passes sailed into touch or were misjudged by the player receiving the ball. When you can’t even do the under 8’s stuff right you know you are in trouble.

Helpless: Nigel Adkins

Despite the pathetic display City did have a great chance to nick a point. After several corners that didn’t beat the first man, Evandro finally remembered Jordy de Wijs is about seven foot tall and put one right on his head. The dutch centre back was denied by a brilliant point blank save from David Raya and that was as close as City got.

Boos rang around the KCOM at Full Time and rightly so. That performance level was a million miles away from where it should be and City already occupy the relegation places, who would want to waste a season here on loan when the team are playing like this? It’s going to be a long season at this rate and Adkins is already questioning his future. You have to feel for the guy he has tried to stay positive for so long but I think the penny has finally dropped for him. This team simply isn’t good enough and things aren’t going to get better while Captain Ehab heads full steam ahead towards the League One iceberg.

See you at Rotherham on Tuesday.

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  1. Excellent report – exactly like it is. When did City start playing all this long ball crap up to a striker who is not exactly renowned as a target man? Blackburn were tidy and passed it nicely. However, showed their ambition that they started to time waste early in the 2nd half. There’s some young talent in this squad: but Adkins needs to work on passing it on the floor and getting some running off the ball happening. Bowen as a left footer on the right wing was a disaster – he was in their (excellent) LB’s pocket all day…

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