It’s time to show some Balls.

If there is one thing Hull KR are consistent at, it is being inconsistent. 

I started my analysis last week by saying a week is a long time in Super League and the Castleford debacle proved my point. Against Wigan we looked like world beaters, this week we couldn’t beat a one-legged man in an arse kicking competition.

Yes referee James Child was bad (we should know this by now) but if anyone out there is deluded enough to think he was the only, or the major factor to this woeful performance then you need to find another sport to waste your money on. In short we were bullied up the middle (again) and distinctly amateurish and poor on the edges.

I heard and read in the week that Cas would be up for this game because of just how rubbish they’d been against St Helens last week and we needed to prepare for a backlash, but also last week we played the second best team in Super League off the park and should of been flying high with confidence. Don’t worry about what they MIGHT do, just concentrate on what we CAN do.

Baffling decision to tinker with the team.

I, like plenty of other people at the game last night were slightly baffled as to why Tim Sheens had dropped Will Dagger who had a great game last week, but when I heard his post match interview I was even more perplexed. “He’s not 5/8th at this stage of his career in Super League just yet” said Sheens who explained that Dagger had made some errors in defence last week that he needed to work on and his natural position is full back. So he went with Maurice Blair who will NEVER be a 5/8th in this competition.

That is NOT a statement calling Bobby’s ability as a rugby league player, I love Blair’s commitment and ability as a player, one of our best ever overseas signings in my opinion, but for Sheens to say Dagger was dropped because of errors in defence when we only conceded eight points against Wigan when his work in attack brought pace and unpredictability to the side and we concede 42 against Cas and looked slow, laboured and predictable sort of contradicts the argument.

Quinlan was the best of a very bad bunch.

I know that it’s easy to be wise after the event but the point I’m trying to make is Bobby can be better used in his natural position and Dagger’s misdemeanours last week were far, far outweighed by his contribution to the best win of the season.

We were poor all over the park, our forwards were simply overrun up the middle and the likes of McShane and Milner thrived off the back of it and when Cas spread the ball wide our edges were playing their own game of the ‘Hokey-Cokey’ but our legs were going in when they should’ve been coming out and vice versa and time and again Cas exploited this.

I can take a defeat, let’s be honest we have had plenty of practice in recent seasons, but only if we put up a fight and last night a boxer with no wrists would’ve put up a better fight.

It’s worrying that we seemed to lose the will to fight in the first 20 minutes and we ran the white flag all to easily. Losing I can accept, losing without putting up a fight I won’t accept especially after watching us fight like we did last week. I don’t care we ‘nearly’ won the second half as Sheens pointed out post match, because unless that’s another change the RFL are bringing in you don’t get anything for ‘nearly’ winning a half of a game of rugby league.

Sheens may see that as a positive as we head to St Helens next week but if we fold has early as we did last night then I could be suicidal on that M62 journey back (and that’s without the roadworks).

We NEED to see the Hull KR of last week for the rest of the season because if we see the Hull KR of last night anymore times this season, I dread to think where we will be next season and the only thing that will save our Super League status is the RFL changing the rules.

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