Survival, is it all that?

I made a statement on a local radio station and in this fanzine back in September that Hull City AFC were in a relegation battle and would be lucky to stay up, and if the worse did happen this club would die.

Thankfully as you read this you have probably heard a few renditions of “We are staying up” and can look forward to a nice summer off watching England fail miserably in Russia and the Germans doing what Germans do.

So, the first part of my pessimistic prediction was wrong, thankfully, but I fear that the second part maybe closer then we think. We won’t die of natural causes, but we are being tortured to death by despotic tosspots who as they’ve already stated, “we can die when we want” and because we didn’t do that they seem intent on murdering the club. Money is none existent, cooperation is extinct and mutual respect never even happened. It’s blatantly obvious that Adkins’ squad will be decimated to the point of obliteration and decent new signings will be about as rare as a Leeds virgin on her wedding day.

The concession vote will be contrived to give the Allam’s the outcome they want or even if it isn’t they will just ignore it anyway and impose whatever the hell they like to make sure that the maximum number of fans are penalised, and a generation of fans will be lost forever, if they haven’t been already. Despite numerous promises to go forth and multiply they are still here and will be until the cash cow runs dry, the £33 million last parachute payment may encourage them to do one, but I doubt it, any profit from player sales will go straight into Ehaw’s happy fund and we all know what he spends that on.

The cynic in me thinks the little shite enjoys toying with us as fans. He was probably bullied at private school as well as playing his first game of hide the sausage at the same establishment.

Adkins has shown glimpses of signs of a good manager who can work without any cash, but he’s also shown sometimes he can be clueless and out of his depth, one thing he has going for him though is, he is a ‘yes’ man who will do as he is told. I doubt he has the necessary skills to pull miracles out of a hat, or more to the point results out of games with the squad he is going to have at his disposal, to be fair to him not many managers will have the skill set required. The Championship is ultra-competitive with some massive sides willing to spend their way out, as well as many sides that will be in the same boat as City, but they will have a better playing squad. If we are honest we have only stayed up since there have been five or six sides that have been consistently shitter then us over this season.

Other chairmen/owners in this league are willing to gamble by spending shit loads of money in the hope of getting into the Premier and the riches that brings, but not ours, they’d rather extort any pound coin they can and squirrel it away for the good of themselves and even if they do sell they will gain because of the loans owed to them by the club at exorbitant interest rates.

Hopefully I’m proved totally wrong again over the summer but I doubt it when it comes to the club I love. One thing is for sure though England won’t let me down when it comes to inglorious failure.

Until August, have a good one and remember….CTWD.


issue 35

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