Heroes & Villains #6

FanaticHull editor Dan takes a look at our regions recent heroes and villains. 

Hero: Hull City AFC will be a Championship club next season, with safety confirmed thanks to a quite ridiculous FIVE-ALL draw with Bristol City. A result which pretty much confirms what we’ve thought all year, and that’s that this club in psychological terms is equivalent to an absolute basket case that makes the owners look normal. 5-0 at Burton. 0-1 to Sheffield Wednesday and 5-5 here. Proper mental. This club has the third best attack in the league in terms of goals scored, and the third worst defence in terms of goals conceded. Not even good old play it safe Nigel could work his 0-0 oracles here.

Villain: It was so typical of City that after a great run of form they’d serve up a moment of absolute dross against Sheffield Wednesday. Everyone went into that fixture with an ounce of optimism following the biggest away win in 103 years at Burton, but reality, as it has across numerous stages of the season, came back to hit us hard. There was nothing about us in a very flat performance. We’ve seen that on so many occasions, and we’re kind of lucky that Sunderland and the like have been so shite. The same situation happened against Cardiff. At least after Brentford it’ll be all over.

Hero: Harry Wilson. The Welshman has seven goals in nine starts since he joined City on loan from Liverpool. He’s way too good for the Championship, and sadly with probable wage demands and the lure for his parent club to play him in the Premier League, one can probably assume he won’t be lining up in Black and Amber next season. A shame, as he’s been a touch of genuine class during his time here. At least we can say his time here is what made him.

harry wilson player of the year

Villain: Nigel Adkins stated recently that he wants Hull City AFC to have a promotion push next season, but really that’s about as likely as Ehab going a full day without talking complete bullshit. For that to happen, proper investment needs to be implemented into the squad, proper concessions and branding need to be introduced to create a feel good factor, and player departures must be as minimal as the times our student writer Jack gets his wallet out. A tough ask then.

Hero: Kamil Grosicki. The Polish international has found some form of late and actually looks like he can be arsed to fight for the City cause. He’s found himself on the scoresheet a few times too, but remains an asset Ehab can sell, and for that reason alone, will probably be shipped off for a few million quid in the summer.

Villian: The Allam Family. The bitter, twisted, and quite frankly tedious feud with the Egyptian tyrants won’t end until their reign of terror is over. But until that day occurs, gates will continue to fall, memberships will be torn up, children will be priced out, and we’ll have to endure more lies on attendances and concession voting. Hopefully we’ll get a break from it all in the summer.

Hero: Abel Hernandez. Like Wilson, he’s probably playing his last few games in a Tigers shirt (I can still say Tigers right?). Another who will be sold in the summer, we can only look back at his time here and cherish what a class act he is. Easily one of the best strikers we’ve ever had, and certainly in the modern-day era.

Villain: The Allam Apologist and the “support the team” snowflakes. Stress balls are not to blame for poor City performances this season, and if you must direct your excuses somewhere, do it at the owners. They’re sold the squad, continue to lie and deceit, fail to back up promises and put asset profit into their back pocket. If you support the Allam family, then you’re supporting the demise of Hull City AFC.


Hero: Hull FC fans. Just two months after venturing to Australia the Black and White army were out in force again. Over 1,000 supporters made the journey to the South of France, with 600 going from independent coaches from Lloret alone. Incredible support.

Villain: Catalans ball boys. Ironic how three balls seem to get thrown onto the pitch at the same time. They must be drilled to slow the game down at every possible moment. Only a matter of time until one of them receives their own ‘Eden Hazard’ moment. Remember the Belgian getting sent off for an incident with a ball boy at Swansea? I do. Scenes when that happens again.

Hero: Scott Taylor. The big prop forward has been outstanding recently and finished with two tries against Catalans. Hull generally were poor, but Tag was superb. He’s making a strong case to be on the England plane to Denver for the mid-season test against New Zealand.

scott taylor hull fc.jpg

Villain: Scott MickeyMousecas. Or however you spell it. It’s an easy cop out to blame referees when you lose, as the Hull Kingston Rovers fans did after their 18-20 loss to Leeds, but the standard of officiating in Super League really is dreadful this season. If it’s not that then it’s the interpretation of the rules that grinds your gears, or sometimes both. Whatever it is, its making the competition a bloody hard watch this year and it’s easy to sympathise with them. Rugby League is a joke.

Hero: Young lads. Both of the city’s rugby league clubs have announced new deals for their more younger players this week. At Rovers Will Oakes and Robbie Mulhern have put pen to paper on new contracts, and over the river, Hull FC have announced deals for Jordan Lane and new first team-er Kieran Buchanan. Great stuff.

Villain: The powers that be at Super League and the RFL, who still, even though we are just three months away from a pivotal part of the season where clubs will be fighting for their lives, have left said clubs in the dark with regards to their fate. They still don’t know what they’ll be playing for in the Super 8s, whether that’s for survival or promotion. Only in rugby league and all that…

Hero: Hull City Ladies. The Tigresses are now just one win away from promotion thanks to a 2-0 win over Brighouse on Sunday afternoon. It was billed up as a title decider and the girls didn’t let anyone down. Goals came from Nat Bell and Katie Thompson and Rachel Gay’s side can secure the league with a win in the Toon this weekend.

Villain: Jamie Waltham. The North Ferriby United owner is a nut job and seems to be throwing his toys out the pram after failing to persuade fans to pack their bags and move to Dunswell. Soddin’ Dunswell. If that wasn’t enough, he then suggested the club need to make extra revenue, which is understandable, but not by letting gypos park their caravans on the playing pitch and in the process threatening local residents. What a fruitcake.

waltham traveller

Hero: North Ferriby United. The Villagers have had a nightmare couple of years, with a change of management, owner and a complete overhaul of the squad. They have used more players this season than Ehab goes on dates with Elmo but to their credit they have stuck at it. They finished the season with a 2-0 win away at FC United of Manchester. A great result, let’s hope they can build on that, have a stable summer and compete in the Northern Premier League with a settled squad. Though with whacker gypo-lover owner Jamie Waltham in charge, there’s a big doubt on whether it will be that simple.


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