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Over recent issues I’ve reminisced about some of my favourite players over the last 30-40 years that I have been a Hull City AFC fan, so this issue I’ve put together who I consider as MY all-time favourite team.

GOALKEEPER: Simple choice for me, Tony Norman was and is still my all time favourite goalie. Record consecutive appearance holder mostly in a team struggling in the lower reaches of the football pyramid. If Tony was about today he would be in the top 3 keepers in this country.


FULLBACKS: On the right I’d have Liam Rosenior, Rosey is has honest as the day is long who always went above and beyond the call of duty. Oh, and his nanna lives in Hull, so technically he’s one of our own. The left was harder to choose, Dennis Booth, Andy Dawson, Sam Ricketts and more recently Andy Robertson have all held a place in my footballing heart. Daws gets my nod though another genuine bloke who rose all the way with us, with a beauty of a shot on him.

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CENTREBACKS: Michael Turner is a shoe in for one, mainly because I won a few 1st goal scorer bets on Turns. It’s a tough choice between two to partner Turns, my first defensive hero, Pete Skipper and the epitome of the ‘Great Escape’ Justin Whittle, so pushed to choose I’d have to pick Skip but we could always go three at the back.

WINGERS: The left-hand side is owned and cast in stone. Stuart Elliott was the personification of what seemed to be good as we moved and flourished in the new home. Some of the goals in scored were barely believable, how could anyone jump that high? About 9 stone wet through he could ride a tackle and was a wizard with the ball. On the right I go back to my early City years, Brian Marwood in the early 80’s was a joy to watch in the lower echelons and his craft was rewarded with moves to the big league. He so nearly got us up that fateful night at Burnley…. we only needed one more goal.

MIDFIELD: The ginger ninja, Billy Askew is quite possibly my all-time favourite Tiger. Back in the day he was the only other ginger person I’d ever seen. I often felt like a white bloke in the Amazon rain forest back in the 80’s. Footballing wise he was never a Pirlo or a Gascoigne but as a young kid, Billy was a fighter who never backed away from anything and ran his blood to water on more than one occasion for the cause. Alongside Billy, it would have to be Ash. Another bloke who would run through a brick wall for you and scored some crucial goals (Yeovil anyone?) When the going got tough, Ash got going and came back from some traumatic injuries that would’ve ruined plenty more snow flakes.


STRIKERS: Big Billy ‘the bastard’ Whitehurst gets the number 9 shirt. He’d scare the devil, Billy. In the day when tackles and contact was still allowed it needed an elephant gun to stop a rampaging Whitehurst. Horrible on the pitch but as a kid hanging around training as I did, Billy always had time for a laugh and joke, mainly at my expense as I remember, often telling me Askew must’ve known my mam, I asked her once what he meant, and her reply was something like “He’s a cheeky bastard”.


Alongside Billy, would be the irreplaceable Deano. Two memorable stints in the Amber and Black gives Dean legendary status amongst us all and not just for that ‘goal’. He showed us all that rejection the first time wasn’t the end and made a great career for himself.

So that’s my all time favourite 11, if any of you think mine is crap why not put yours down and send it in to us and we’ll print it and let others decide.

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