A look at some Rovers legends

Gary Prohm.

When we look at the legendary players who have worn the famous Red and White of Hull Kingston Rovers in the brief time I have followed Rugby League names still spring off the tongue.

When you think of one of the best you think of Gary Prohm.  A centre of the highest quality Gary played 147 times for Hull KR in only four short years with a near 100% strike rate, he scored 104 times in that brief time. Gary had everything, pace power and deceptive feet.

Gary played in every possible final during his time (1982-1986), the only trophy he didn’t bring back to Craven Park was the Challenge cup, sadly losing out to Castleford in the 1984/5 final.

So why was he so good during his time in the early 1980’s he had an ability to be where he was supposed to be, ne never appeared out of position.  He followed the right people and finished the moves. He was a forerunner of the powerful outside backs of today, he often ran tries in from distance, but was equally at home barging over.

In today’s game he would be irreplaceable.  He left Rovers after four very successful years to join Eastern Suburbs and didn’t let them down either.

Mark Broadhurst

When you think of a man you would choose to lead your pack there are few I can think of I would put ahead of Mark.

What he brought to the Hull KR pack was aggression, leadership, and most of all skill. If you needed an enforcer this was your man. He stood as an impressive figure and in the era of the biff Mark was almost always first in.  He was infamous for the 1981 “mass” brawl between Manley and Newtown, still if not the longest very close to the longest ever mass rugby league brawl. (Check it out on You tube).Again, Mark played in the halcyon days of Hull KR and I suppose I’ll a little blinkered, but the trophy cabinet was never empty, and the terraces always packed.

Gavin Miller

I arguably saved the best till last. Gavin Miller, Hull KR’s enforcer was everything that you could wish for. Gavin Miller was a complete player he had everything, he was probably in the top two players I have ever seen play.

He scored a double against Castleford to win the Yorkshire Cup and won just about everything else. When he came to England he was seen in his own country as a player who was not quite good enough to play at the top of the tree in Australia, what do they know?

Every year he was at Rovers his game improved. Each and every season he became more important to the cause. Sadly, he returned to Australia to play again, by now he was at his peak, in 1989 he won every award open to him which was testimony to the improvement that he had made during his time at Hull KR.

The game moves on every year it is barely recognisable from the game I started watching in 1967. But one thing for sure these three  players would grace any team, then or now…..sign them up Tim.



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