Ferriby staying put but the future remains uncertain

After a meeting held in the North Ferriby United clubhouse on Monday night it appears that the club will not be moving to Dunswell after all.

Owner Jamie Waltham was quizzed by fans about his plans for the club and his proposal to the FA to move the club to Dunswell for next season and beyond.

Waltham made it clear when he acquired Ferriby from the Forsters that he intended to relocate the club to Dene Park in Dunswell as he felt the club wasn’t wanted by the village and that he could increase the fan base in Dunswell. That was met with criticism from many Ferriby fans and it certainly would not have been popular if it happened.

Waltham stated that Dene park would require 30 extra seats and new turnstiles in order to meet Evo Stik League standards and these improvements, along with a complete re-brand of the club would be required in order for the FA to ratify the move.

A healthy crowd filled the clubhouse and a vote was held on the proposal to move the club. The supporters unanimously voted to keep the club in Ferriby. The owners response was to effectively hand control to the fans of the club as he has stated that a further meeting will be held on May 1st to decide on the future ownership structure of the club. Fans have been invited to come back to the next meeting with their ideas as to how the club should be run going forward.

It is not surprising to see this move from Waltham as his vision for the club appears to be the complete opposite to the vast majority of the fanbase. This may be hinting towards the club becoming fan owned in the near future but whether or not that would be sustainable at Evo Stik level remains to be seen.

Waltham also told the audience that the club is now financially sustainable as he has reduced the wage bill significantly since his arrival meaning the club now pay approximately £1600 a week in wages.

Overall it seems that the meeting was a victory for the fans of North Ferriby United who have made it perfectly clear that they do not want to see the club move away from Church Road. The next meeting in May is sure to be an interesting one where the future of the club may become more clear.

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