Looking back at City under Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce is arguably one of the best managers to ever manage Hull City AFC.

He was a risky appointment, but he managed to bring some of the best times in City’s history. City owe a lot to Brucey, and when he returned to the KCOM last month City fans give him a fantastic reception, and that is the least he deserved.

It was definitely weird to see Brucey in the opposite dugout. There were many brilliant memories of his managerial era, so lets have a look at a few of them.

FA Cup Final

The FA Cup Final was one of the best days of my life. I know we ended up losing 3-2, but just the whole day was amazing. The run up to the final was brilliant as well, with the brilliant 3-0 win at home to Sunderland in the quarter-finals and the mental semi-final against Sheffield United was a great appetiser before the main event. The day itself was magic, and spending it with my dad made it even better. Hearing Abide With Me blasting out from each of the four stands was spine tingling, with not a dry eye in the house. The game itself was topsy-turvy, going from the elation of going 1 and 2-0 up to eventually losing cruelly in extra time. I don’t think I have ever heard a louder noise in a football stadium in all my life.

It was at that point where it hit me that my side, Hull City AFC, were playing in the FA Cup Final. Arguably the biggest final in world club football. I watch the FA Cup final every year from my sofa, so to actually be there was one of the shining lights in Bruce’s career.

city fa cup final

Automatic Promotion to the Premier League

Gaining promotion to the Premier League through the play-offs in 2008 was absolutely unbelievable, but gaining promotion automatically is a feeling that is hard to top. The whole season was brilliant, with that side being one of the best I can remember seeing. It was Bruce’s own side he had built from scratch, which just goes to show how good he is as a manager, and backs up the point that Bruce was one of the best managers ever to step through the door at City. This was arguably the best club season the team have ever had, so this is serious kudos to Bruce.

Europa League

Despite it only being a short stay, Bruce can say that he is the only manager to lead City into a European competition. The Europa League campaign brought joy to many City fans, who managed to go and watch their side play a competitive game in another country, under the watchful eye of the rest of Europe. The first tie City played against Trencin was stressful to say the least, but thankfully City managed to pull through. We weren’t so lucky in the second tie against Lokeren, but we came out of it with a great friendship. It wasn’t Bruce’s finest hour, but it was a historic moment for the club.

city europa league aluko

Play Offs Promotion

Steve Bruce managed to lead City to promotion via the play-offs, rounding off his fantastic tenure in charge. What made this victory brilliant was the fact that Sheffield Wednesday fans thought that because you have more fans at the game you automatically deserve to win. Shows how wrong they were. Mo Diame killed their dreams of getting back in the Premier League, and they haven’t been back since. This really was the last great moment City have had as a club, so its something to savour.


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