Get in there, Hull City AFC are staying up, but the joy won’t last for long..

What a fantastic run of results, Birmingham away and Saturday aside, for Hull City AFC.

Championship safety is pretty much secured and I have to give some credit to Nigel Adkins who has eventually got it right. His brand of football has almost sent me to sleep at times, but it‘s got some much needed results and with the shackles off City’s free-scoring ability, like we saw under Sluts, has come back to the fore, but with one key difference, the side can actually defend too now, well sort of.

Of course City have faced some dross recently in picking up their results but the recent display at Premier League bound Wolves was superb. Add to that to the wins over QPR and Burton too and, Sheffield Wednesday aside, it’s been a decent run of form. This squad on paper at least should never have flirted with relegation, but instead as a minimal requirement have competed for the play-off places.

What’s done is done though and most of us can accept the rout cause of that. I’m one of the biggest Allam Out advocates you can find. I love sport in Hull. I’m a fan of both Hull City and one of the City’s rugby league sides in Hull FC and what they’ve done and continue to do at both clubs is absolutely criminal.

You can definitely present an argument that animosity between what’s gone on off the pitch has effected the players’ attitude. Sometimes they’ve looked like they didn’t want to be here. Think of what happened at Birmingham, and just over a month ago, the rotten soulless display and atmosphere ensured at the KCOM when Millwall went away 2-1 winners. Back then it looked like a drop to the third tier of English football was a fore-long conclusion, but something has changed. Maybe that post-Millwall meltdown from Adkins was what was needed. He ultimately asked more from his players and despite the protests and Allam Out chants being as vocal as ever, he got what he wanted. Hull City are staying up, thanks to an abundance of quality that finally delivered


It’s maybe no coincidence that Abel Hernandez’s return saw more shots hit the back of the net, and it’s fair to say loanee Harry Wilson has been sensational, but in truth there have been one or two resurgences from players heavily criticised this season. Marcus Henriksen has been superb over the past few weeks and he now should be one of the players City can build their squad around for next season and beyond. A firing and composed Kamil Grosicki is also an asset to anyone in this league, but his attitude has definitely been questionable at times. The Pole also, and just like Jarrod Bowen, remains an asset for Ehab to sell, so there’s that to consider and that sets me off on my rant nicely.

Talk of the imminent future makes me nervous. It’s been great following City over the past few weeks and Burton away was one of the best away results in years, but looking ahead to the 2018/19 season, and yes I know I’m a pessimistic sod, but we still don’t know who City’s manager will be and what out of contract players will be kept on to ensure the side have a much better season than the one just gone by.

Hernandez, not to mention the likes of David Meyler, Allan McGregor and many more alike, are all out of contract, meaning they can leave for free in the summer. The current situation for the best run football club in the country is so bad that some of those names have openly stated during the season that they have had no idea nor no approach from the club to where their future lies. That’s pathetic.

If Adkins does stay on next season, and now that he’s proven himself and built some sort of understanding with his players, wouldn’t it be a travesty if the make up of that squad was sold like the two summers before leaving the manager, whoever that may be, a matter of weeks to assemble some loan signings and maybe spend a few quid if a bargain comes up? As that’s what will happen. I’d be very surprised if Ehab lets Adkins (if he stays) keep some of these players on, and if will be a miracle if the likes of Grosicki and Bowen are lining up in Black and Amber come August.

That’s the reality of Hull City AFC under the Allam regime and that, along with a lack of concessions and still the pettiness to not use the clubs proper name on ALL social media and web channels long AFTER a deadline in which they promised to do so, is why so many fans are quite rightly against them. That’s one of the main reasons why I support the protests, and if the Allams continue to show that they don’t have everyones best interests on the field at heart, then why are people still supporting them? The Allam apologist remain amongst us. The snowflakes who use protests to cover up previous poor performances remain amongst us. The fan who twiddles their thumbs during matches and then boos the Allam Out chants from the most vocal section of the ground remain amongst us.

And then there’s the concessions debacle, and for me, it shows how selfish you are if you are not supporting the return of those concessions to save yourself a few quid per-month. That’s probably easier said than done for someone who refuses to buy a membership whilst the Egyptian tyrants are still in charge and many of you will think I therefore don’t even deserve an opinion, but for any football club in the world never mind the country, the future stability of it is from the kids, and what they can contribute to in the future, from both playing and supporting aspects. To price them out is nothing short of scandalous.

But amongst all the dramas, don’t the past few weeks just show how important it is for Ehab to persuade his father to first extend Adkins’ employment at the club, retain out of contract players, and then not sell further assets. To think what Hull City AFC could achieve next season if all three points are obliged to is exciting, but the reality soon shoots you down.


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