The merry-go-round of being a fan of Hull City AFC

It should be a formality now that given the daylight between Hull City AFC and the teams in the bottom three, that Championship safety should be paramount, but this is Hull City AFC we are talking about and one or two twists could still occur.

It would be so distinctive of City to get two decent results and then lose a fixture so unexpectedly. For instance, like so wonderfully beating the two East Anglian teams in the Football League and then going to Birmingham with a real sense of optimism, only to get trounced 3-0, and in the process look like a bunch of arthritic cardboard cut-outs that would have a hard time beating Renford Rejects. Remember the TV show back in the golden age of Nickelodeon? Priceless. For me, it was better than Dream Team, although it didn’t have the wags, but then again that was hardly a priority when you’re nine years old. What a spell for football shows on television that was.

But anyway, let’s move on. City over Easter have surpassed the 40-point barrier. The dizzy heights of mid-table mediocrity are in view and fighting for our lives with other run down football clubs such as Sunderland is now a distant memory. It should stay that way. City now should NOT be relegated to League One.

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Despite things looks very ominous at different stages of the season, they’ve picked up enough points that should guarantee safety and for anything to change now would have to go down as a catastrophe. Hopefully Ehab will stay out of the changing room and let Adkins and the lads get the job done, but that shouldn’t be a problem, he doesn’t even go to games now does he.

The present bottom three look certain of an imminent visit from the grim reaper. Only a great escape albeit of West Bromwich Albion’s Premier League miracle of 2005 would see City plying their trade in the third tier. They look like they’ve done enough, and miraculously so, have proven that the attendance of protestors and yellow squishy things does not affect the result, despite what the wet blankets seem to think.

And doesn’t that bring with it a perfect opportunity to mention once again the dramas off the field, and the current voting regards to concession prices for next season. It must have escaped me, but I for one can’t recall the club specifying a minimum vote threshold for the poll on whether or not there should be concessions at Hull City AFC next season. Unless it was in invisible ink. It’s ironic, and bare in mind that the vote went categorically in favour of a concession return, that apparently there was one, and that’s why the Allams decided to have another vote. Ironically it’s a very similar scenario to Brexit and the remoaners crying out for a re-vote, and probably one after that too, until they get the result they desire. Unfortunately though we live in a democracy called Great Britain, and not Egypt, where Ebah the tyrant could probably do as he pleases.

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However, the options of the second vote are less appealing than before, which proliferate the LIES that every bit of the Allam’s rational regards to a lack of concessions is down to supporter fraud, something that our fellow stadium tenants Hull FC, and just about every other football and indeed rugby club in the soddin’ country, seems to manage fine and not fall victim to. It’s a merry-go-round, as I say on the radio every week. The Allam’s have no true intentions of even listening to supporters. They lie and use the club’s website and social media channels as propaganda to bring fans into a false sense of security that they are trying to make changes. If and when protests occur they then use that as an excuse not to implement those changes, therefore creating hostility between fellow fans. It’s all quite brilliant really and they’ve achieved that target.

I can’t recall a spell following City where fans are at each other’s throats as continually as under the Allam regime. The dictators have sucked the life and soul out of supporters, that most can’t even be bothered to attend fixtures, as evident in the recent attendances which the club continue to lie about, and through the whole concession and name change saga. Supporters have lost the will to even play along with Ebab’s bullshit anymore.

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Looking over the horizons though, it was pleasantly amusing to see the national media ridicule the preposterous pricing policy. Ehab, despite being a dick about it, knows full well how he can restore order amongst what his father calls the militant minority, and he knows what City fans and every other civilised football fan in the country requires.

It definitely begs the question what is going to happen if the next vote on concessions has a lower turnout. How about another vote? Or, City could follow in the footsteps of every other Football League club that seems absent from these problems, and employ more luminous yellow fabricated meffs to check the validity of tickets and ensure his or hers employers fantasy about supporter fraud is more ludicrous than Ehab and Elmo’s ability to hide their relationship.

That would be the easy option though. What will transpire I’m sure is another two hour meeting, or another vote, with little progress made.


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