Heroes and Villains #4

FanaticHull editor Dan takes a look at our regions recent heroes and villains.

Hero: The City squad. Well, that wasn’t a bad Easter period was it. Two respectable draws against one promotion chaser in Aston Villa and a soon to be Premier League outfit in Wolves leaves the threat of relegation looking pretty distant. To be honest, many fans would have predicted two defeats, so to come out with two points is a fair achievement, and for once we can look back with positivity at recent City results.

Villain: And on that note, isn’t it still frustrating to see City in their current predicament. Just that extra bit of quality, concentration and luck, and this season could have been a lot different. City should guarantee Championship safety, but there’s still a realisation that with this league being as poor as it’s been, the Tigers should be a lot higher up in the league table. Where the blame ultimately lies there is with the owners, but the players have to take some responsibility too.

Hero: The second half performance against Villa. Very encouraging to see City have a crack against a good side with an even better manager. Still hurts. City have to control the controllables and that’s making sure their results are right. Forget Birmingham, Barnsley etc. Yes 0-0s under the Adkins tenure are pretty common, and they are usually dull affairs, but this was a very satisfactory point.

Villain: No guesses who. The Allams. How anyone can’t see why the protests continue to occur must be living in a bubble. As long as concession tickets are made absent by the gruesome twosome, then I for one won’t complain about whistles, yellow squishy balls, cards or anything else that exposes them for what they are. Allam Out.

Hero: Nigel Adkins. At times he’s looked like he hasn’t had a clue what he’s doing, and that line up at Wolves left many people thinking he was sniffing glue, but the physio’s six changes proved us all wrong. How? Who knows. But the result was the right one.

nigel adkins city

Villain: The players, after City so splendidly took the game to Wolves and at one stage of the game led 2-1, It really does beg the question, why results like Birmingham away are still happening? At Molinieux it was a reminder of what City can do on a football pitch, and that when they actually have a dig, they’re actually not a bad football side.

Hero: Marcus Henriksen. He’s been very good recently and is shutting a lot of people up. It would be naive to suggest he hasn’t deserved some of his critics, but he’s finally looking at home in the City line up. Well in lad.


Villain: Rugby League. I’m a supporter who’s not enjoying the sport right now and I know I’m not the only one. I’m fed up of seeing completely different games on Sky to the ones not on Sky and that’s impacted largely by the video referee. I don’t pay to watch some bloke referee the game from a fucking box in the grandstand. His involvement should be for try decisions alone and nothing else, and especially not screaming in the on field referees ear to give a penalty when a player goes down for his latest west end audition. There’s no place in this game for shithousery like that. It’s not like it’s a “Hull FC lost so let’s have a rant about the officials” situation either, as Hull’s first try at St Helens was horrendously embarrassing. Jack Logan will be pissing himself that that try assist will stand. The pass was a mile forward and would be considered a decent effort in the NFL never mind Super League. Seriously how the hell did the touch judge miss that? Add to that the two dangerous throws involving Jake Connor and how one was penalised and the other let go and you’ve got a right conundrum. Just piss poor all round from a team of officials that are so incompetent, they make Stevie Wonder’s eyesight seem extraordinary.

Hero: Rovers players. That was a vital win for the Robins after a tough Easter period. Widnes never ever gave in and the Reds had to battle to the end, and by doing so, got a hard earned 31-12 win. It certainly makes one wonder why there was so much doom and gloom across the fan base after the Wigan game, Rovers are a newly promoted side, and are still within touching distance of the top eight positions. If they achieve that, then it’s got to be considered a successful first season back in Super League.

Villain: Easter Period. Is still beggars belief that with all the protocols regarding player welfare that Super League persists with this crazy period of fixture congestion. Three games in eight days for Hull FC. It makes a whole mockery of the concept.

Hero: Hull City Ladies. Top wind up merchant Hope Knight scored a worldie winner as the Tigresses defeated Bolton over the weekend. From the Shep’s report, it was a very competitive game played by two decent sides, with our girls now one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal of promotion.


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