How Rubbish Is International football!?

The international break is one which is dreaded by each and every football fan so thank god the last one of the season is behind us!

It is the time where we have to sit back and watch the England team fail yet again. Club Football just has so much more class than international football. Look at the European Championships 2 years ago. The Russians just care about battering every English person they can catch their eyes on, instead of actually concentrating on the Football. Club football is just a nicer overall atmosphere than international football. It just feels like everybody cares more about it and it means more to people than just a couple of games at a weekend.

Yes, the world cup is a brilliant spectacle, and this is the pinnacle of international sport, but I guarantee that if the world cup happened in the middle of the season, not as many people will watch it. The best thing about the world cup is that it is in Summer when there is no club football to watch and it just passes the time in the summer to stop people from being bored. The pubs must love it! It just has nothing on an away game on a Saturday with your mates getting battered on the train yet to know whether you’re going to be celebrating on the way back or not.

OK yes you can still get battered if you watch international football, but I don’t know about anyone else but I just do not feel that sense of pride when I watch England that I do when I watch City. I am a very proud Englishman but the England team are yet to fill me with real pride in my lifetime. England are the team that everyone looks to as an underdog before a tournament, and we all get so excited, but year after year and tournament after tournament they continue to let us down.

The England team is full of brilliant players. Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling, John Stones and the like are all performing brilliantly for their teams in the Premier League, but cannot hack it when they pull on the England shirt. I just can’t understand why. It is every little boy’s dream to play for the England National team, and I’m sure it was their dream, so I cannot see why they don’t perform as a team when it gets to the main competitions.

Is it the management? Not for me. I think Gareth Southgate is a good manager who knows the England set up well. But it is the previous managers who haven’t been cut for the job. Roy Hodgson did well in the friendlies but did not manage to produce anything in the major tournaments. Sam Allardyce had the ability to take England far but he shot himself in the foot and kicked himself out of the best management role in English football. It’s mind-boggling.

Watching the England team is just like watching paint dry, and is a total waste of time in my opinion. It just has nothing on club football. As much as watching City feels like a chore sometimes, I just feel like there is no association with the national team as an Englishman. It really is such a shame.

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