Heroes and Villains #3

FanaticHull editor Dan takes a look at our regions recent heroes and villains.

Hero: Harry Wilson. He’s a class act isn’t he and the way he took his goals against Norwich and Ipswich were brilliant. We’ve said on numerous occasions throughout the season that with Ehab’s reluctance to get his wallet out, that loan signings could be the best course of action for us, and it’s proved the case here. Hopefully City can get Harry on a season-long loan for 2018/19, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the Scousers wanted him playing in the Premier League to further his development.

Villain: The Allams. The recent membership proposals are very interesting, with adult prices set to double in price which obviously has caused a backlash on social media and in the forums. The two Egyptian dictators are crafty as ever here. They’ve got exactly what they wanted. Everyone knows Ehab won’t budge on concessions as he believes there is numerous cases of supporter fraud, so by that, he then turns the adult paying fan base against the former. Single match attending adults won’t care about kids getting in cheap as long as they’re paying a pittance, and naturally they’re going to oppose a proposal that would see their price near enough double. It’s genius. Ehab is creating more scenarios of fan against fan and I bet he’s laughing his little cock off as long as the fans are arguing amongst each other and Premier League parachute payments continue to come in.


Hero: Jarrod Bowen. The Herefordshire born winger has started to find the back of the net more regularly again. It’s been tough for him under Nigel Adkins’ boring brand of football but he still remains City’s Player of the Season by some distance. I wonder if his  dad will reward him with a holiday this summer instead of making him lift and carry tyres around the garden. Grafter.

Villain: The Birmingham stewards. I won’t name his name, but one Hull City fan who travelled to Birmingham was refused entry by the stewards with no explanation given. They were a right set of jobsworths and couldn’t even put down a reason why a non-violent fan could travel across the country and not even get to see his football team play. Let’s just say that he’s been involved with some protests before at the home games, so obviously Ehab has sent a message to the Brummies to not let him in. Like I said, he’s not violent, he’s just a fan, like you and I, that isn’t satisfied with the current Allam regime, and is actively trying to do something about it. What’s next? Is Ehab going to hand out banning orders for the 2,000 fans who took their shoes off and sang anti-Allam chants at Doncaster? Or for the two fans holding the Allam Out banner at Barnsley? You’re in England, Ehab, you petty little bastard. Freedom of speech is allowed here.

Hero: And whilst we’re on that subject, and as a firm believer that the Allams need to leave this football club quicker than Arsene Wenger has lost his credibility as a football manager, I take my hat off to anyone who is actively protesting on their current ownership of Hull City AFC. They are like a disease, they’ve torn the fan base apart, and they are stripping the soul out of the club. All this “support the team” bollocks can do one. Protests do not affect the result. The last time protests occurred at the KCOM, City beat play-off chasing Sheffield United 1-0. To blame them is just a cop out which is about right for the snowflakes that can’t get their heads around why fans are actively trying to change the way things are run at the club. If you oppose that, then you are supporting the pricing out of the youth and elderly, the continued selling of our best assets, and the continued ignorance to use our proper name on all social media, online stuff and merchandise.

Sheff u protest

Villain: Rovers fans. The bashing post-Wigan defeat was a bit unnecessary. What did they expect? The Pies are a class act and a solid on their home turf. A bit of soul searching needs to be done there. They are a newly promoted side. Be realistic. Anything better than a ninth placed finish is over achievement, and right now, Rovers are on course to do that.

Hero: Sneyd’s left boot. It would be naive to suggest that Marc Sneyd doesn’t have his fair share of average games, but every so often he just steps up and delivers something that really does take your breath away. There’s no superlatives that can do justice to how good that winning drop-goal was. Sneyd was the calmest man in the stadium when he thumped it over from inside his own half. But that’s him all over. Pressure never fazes him and when Hull really need him to produce a moment of magic, he more than often delivers.

Villain: The Rain. What rancid conditions to play a game of rugby league in. Credit to the full Super League competition, in particular the players that played in the lake at Castleford. Summer rugby. Yeah, about that…



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