The shooting stars of the Tigers (part one)

It’s onto the strikers in my look back over the last 30 odd years of trials, tribulations, tears, tantrums and tremendous memories support Hull City AFC.

I thought I’d do this piece slightly differently and work backwards from the modern day of Hernandez all the way back to Hawley as I type a few words about m favourite goal getters.

We’ve had loads of strikers that have lifted our lives (and a few who couldn’t lift a leg), so here goes, Abel Hernandez has been worth his weight in gold in terms of goals scored and if he hadn’t got his cruel injury a few months back we would undoubtedly be celebrating mid table mediocrity today and not falling quicker then a tarts underwear as we are now, but hopefully Abel can drag us out of the shite in the last two months of the season before he walks away for free. He stuck around and fired in the goals when we needed them to get us back into the Premier League (aka Ehaw’s personal piggy bank) but he won’t be around to do it again if we can survive this hellish season and stay in the second tier, I for one wish him well at his next club and will be sorry to see him leave due to the sheer greed of our despicable owners.

One of Abel’s current team mates deserves a mention also but mainly for his first unforgettable stint with us, Fraizer Campbell came as an untried youngster from Man Utd in October 2007 and left with a promotion and cult hero status that quickly disappeared for a while when he fucked us about and thought he was too good for us, but his contribution that season leading the goal scoring chart with 15 and a brilliant partnership with Deano.

Who will ever forget that pull back to Deano who rifled the ball into the net and us as fans into unbridled ecstasy. It was a dream season for Campbell and for us all but his decision to think Sunderland was a better option then us, rightly saw Campbell called from a pig to a dog for the intervening seasons until he came back this year, which although he has bagged a few hasn’t been the best but hopefully he can get his form and fitness sorted and score a few more next season, whichever league we are in.

If you looked up cult hero in the Hull edition of the dictionary then my next (and one of my all time favourite Tigers) would be there loud and proud. He’s that famous round here we only have to use his first name, Deano. Not just a favourite in our recent past but for most of my time following the Tigers, he’s been a hero which is quite strange really because I spent all my summers on Gipsyville staying with my grandad and Deano was always about on Franny Askew field playing football. Even back then he was gobby, loud and self confident and just like now full of life. Deano did it the hard way going the long way round to firstly get to Boothferry Park and even longer way round to get back, via Aberdeen, Oxford, Bratfurd Sheffield and Bratfurd again to finally get THAT goal. A victim of yet another rotten ownership who flogged him to the jocks to keep us alive, Deano was our saviour on more then one occasion.

My memories of Deano (probably the same for a lot of you) span the decades, obviously that tap in at Wembley is undoubtedly my favourite Deano memory but Crewe in 1994 (the year of the shittest kit ever) at Boothferry was another particular Deano day that will live long in my memory, a hat trick in a hammering was a joy to behold that day and a bittersweet memory was his last ever goal for the Tigers, dubious though it was it meant that Deano achieved one of his ambitions by scoring for the mighty Tigers in the Premier League. He only made about 5 or 6 appearances in the promised land for us but it was a fantastic journey to be on from the fields of Franny Askew to the very top of the English League.

It’s not that often that we get to play with our heroes but I was lucky enough to do it albeit as a snotty nosed kid on a school playing field.

Next time I’ll delve a bit further into my memory bank to see who pops up with the winner.



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