Has Ehaw finally got the hang of transfers?

It may have taken a few years, but Ehaw may have finally twigged how the transfer market works, get the business done early…………

The only problem it seems is that he’s doing it arse about face, having already told us that come the end of the season any player left at the club will either be shite or pre pubescent or another way, anyone on a decent salary or are saleable will be out the door, Meyler, McGregor, Hernandez, Clark, Bowen Grosicki etc etc etc will all be gone before happy Nige and his motley crew report back in June.

Nige will be here regardless of what division we are in because he fits the Allam mould of managers, i.e cheap and more than happy to bend over and be shafted at any given moment. A quote from our happy physio in the Hull Daily Fail aroused my fears in the last week when he mentioned that one of his previous chairman (Wharton at Scunthorpe) kept telling him to cut his cloth accordingly, even when he was trying to improve on what he had and this is the model to adhere to at City. So in short it seems Scunthorpe are the benchmark to which he’s been told to aspire to. SCUNTHORPE people….let that sink in.

If that one throw away statement to the shite local media doesn’t fill you with dread at what is to come then you are either even more optimistic then Adkins will ever be or you’ve flown to the ground today on a pink unicorn wearing a black & amber tutu humming Disney tunes. Either way the drugs don’t work.

I’m not deluded enough or off my tits enough to think that all of the current squad should or would stay. Let’s be honest, some aren’t good enough (even for Scunny) but wholesale car boot sales and ripping the experienced heart out of the squad will not do this club or manager any favours. If we survive in the Championship we will be doomed to relegation even before the new season starts, I’d go so far to say that we wouldn’t even trouble the play-off places in League One with a cobbled together, bargain basement squad which by the looks of it and previous transfer windows is what we will get.

If as I suspect, the Allams will still be here until the last penny has been sucked out of the club and incoming transfer business will not be concluded early, as Adkins hopes and wants. I hope I win the EuroMillions so I can get a dirty weekend with Meghan Markle, but as highly unlikely as that is I think I’ve got slightly better odds then Nige as of his hopes and needs as he will have a very very thin squad to come back to on June 25th.

The saleable as still under contract lot like Bowen and Kamil will be given away at ridiculously low prices to the first club to offer hard cash. The likes of Max Clark will have been offered a pittance like Tymon last year and will be allowed to leave for buttons, with Ehaw telling us that it was a fair offer and he was being greedy, when in reality the lad would have been offered the footballing equivalent of minimum wage and told to be fucking thankful he’s getting that much. The Chelsea misfits will be back down the Fulham Road the minute the final whistle blows at Brentford and McGregor will be allowed to go without a fight because Marshall is on a fortune for another year. Dawson as we know will be at the City ground. It’s a real possibility that our defence next season could consist of David Burns as the two centre-backs, Swanny and the West Park bin that Burnsy has fell in love with this season.

It’s commendable and prudent that some of the youngsters are being  signed up but obviously they are not ready yet for a league dogfight (otherwise they’d be playing now).

I know I’m a pessimistic grumpy old twat and I sincerely hope everything I have ranted about over the season comes back to bite me on the arse but I fear the worst for our transfer dealings over the summer, that is unless Adkins can manage to bring in Jesus Christ as his assistant and they can work a few miracles, or I win the aforementioned  EuroMillions and in a moment of blind stupidity or LSD overdose, buy the club, but neither of which are going to happen.




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