Heroes & Villains #1

FanaticHull editor Dan takes a look at our regions recent heroes and villains.

Hero: The City Players. The win over Sheffield United was quite the performance.  It was, as the scene has been for a few months now, action packed both on and off the pitch. A Nouha Dicko goal was enough to get the three points, but the major talking points remains with the protests. Whether you’re an activist or pacifist, the off-field antics did little to affect the result, promoting an advantage to the former. Protests cannot be used as an easy excuse following defeat, especially with the dross we’ve seen at different stages this season. Whatever your point of view, that is a key statement to remember for the future. Back to the field though City won, and deservedly so. The relegation threat is still real, but that display will certainly lift the mood. Can City actually stay up? If we see more of that, then yes, yes they can.

Villain: Allam apologists. You remain amongst us and whilst everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is becoming the impossible task to find reasoning to why an individual can support the Allam regime. Whilst the name change may be less significant to some fans, surely the continued lack of concession tickets and asset stripping is enough to get the alarm bells ringing. Young people are currently being priced out of attending football matches and that is nothing short of criminal. They are the next generation of City fans and whilst they are priced out, there is no future. As for the squad, the fact that the likes of Allan McGregor have been so open about their lack of knowledge to their City futures speaks volumes doesn’t it? Surely a significant part of the squad would know where they’ll be playing their football post-May? At least you would think so. City are the best run club in the football league after all.

Hero: Protestors. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, but well done to those people who are actively trying to change the fortunes of their beloved football club. Making a stance and standing for what they believe in. If you are against the protests, then you are against protesting against two dictators who have wished the supporters to die when they want, who frequently lie about their intentions to run Hull City AFC, who have priced out children and the elderly on attending matches, who have kicked numerous community clubs across all sports out of their Airco Arena facility, who introduced a membership scheme that has affected attendances, who drove out Steve Bruce, the best manager this club has ever had, who tried to change the name to Hull Tigers, and who continue to sell City’s best players every summer without matching the quality lost in replacements. If you are one of those people, then please write to us and tell us why you still support their regime.

Sheff u protest

Villain: Nigel Adkins. The new boss stated that City lost the Nottingham Forest game back in October on the back of a stress ball protest. Yep that’s right, some squishy yellow things, rather than some shambolic defending, was the cause of the defeat that night. It’s ironic then that after a second incident involving the yellow squishy things, that City actually go on to win the game against promotion chasing opposition. Maybe they weren’t to blame after all Nigel.

Hero: Abel Hernandez. He’s back playing in the development side and is nearing a first team return. The Sheffield game was too soon, but he could be running about on the KCOM turf in the not too distant future, with his goal scoring potential vital if City are to stay in this league. Welcome back. Abel.

Abel hernandez

Villain: Ehab Allam. The sausage gobbling bastard claims he can’t offer City fans concession tickets due to alleged supporter fraud. Meanwhile, our friends at Nottingham Forest are offering next seasons passes out to kids for a tenner, whilst at our club, Sheffield fans had to pay £24 to give their bains the privilege of watching a 1-0 defeat. Recently, our fellow KCOM tenants Hull FC gave their members the opportunity to buy two extra tickets for their home opener against Huddersfield for a fiver.  Yes a fiver. The difference is startling.

Hero: Everyone involved in getting Friday night’s home fixture against Warrington on, whilst overs quivered in fear over a bit of ice and snow. In any of weather. It wasn’t the best of spectacles, but it was a decent enough performance by the Black and Whites to get the two points, and that’s all that mattered.

Villain: Liam Watts. The talented prop forward had a moment of madness in the Wire game, pushing his head towards Dominic Crosby’s in the 73rd minute, an incident that saw him sent off. It wasn’t a malicious head butt by any stretch of the imagination, and the ridicule he’s took on social media over the weekend is ridiculous. When did we all turn into a bunch of snowflakes? Remember Jamie Peacock and Willie Mason? We all loved that scrap. Get a grip. He’s not a thug and the overreaction is pathetic. It won’t be long before Judders is back on the field performing miracle offloads and busting the line. He’s a class act. Please remember that.


Hero: Shaun Lunt. Spoke a lot of sense after the Salford game. Whilst some of Rovers’ defending that night was questionable to say the least, the effort was not. Rugby League players don’t go out to lose a game on purpose. Sometimes things just don’t go your way no matter how hard you try. It’s part and parcel of sport and doesn’t need a trolling from sections of the Rovers following the fourth game of the season. There’s nineteen rounds to go yet some of their fans are calling for players heads already. Make your expectations realistic and accept that this season is all about survival. If Rovers manage that, then they can have a good crack at the top eight next year.

Villain: Rodd Studd. There’s a reason he’s not doing Rugby League commentary on Sky Sports now isn’t there? Maybe he went for a psychology degree instead as he seems to know a lot about how players’ minds work in games. I for one was never going to amount to anything, but I’ve been in situations before in the amateur game where your frustration does get the better of you – especially when impeded at the play of the ball. If Dominic Crosby didn’t hold onto Watts after HELD was called twice, then that incident doesn’t happen. Simple. Not that Studd will consider that with his anti-Hull agenda.

Hero: City Ladies. At the time of writing it’s the morning of a massive semi-final tie against West Ham United Ladies. The game kicks off at 2pm at Hull Uni and I urge everyone to get down if they can. It’s cheap as chips to get in and there’s some quality football on show by a side that never knows when they’re beaten. The Londoners are in a higher decision, but the girls will give it everything they’ve got. For the record they also have the words ‘Hull City’ printed on their playing kit.





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