A defiant protest, but will it make a difference?

Against Sheffield we saw the second planned supporters protest of the season against the Allam regime.

Again spearheaded by the protest group Hull City Action for Change fans marched through West Park to the West Stand Reception with flags, banners and whistles chanting anti-Allam songs as they went. They then took their protest into the ground as they hurled stress balls onto the pitch in the 19th minute, briefly bringing a halt to the match, before blowing Referees whistles in the 30th minute of the game. A couple of plucky supporters then managed to get onto the pitch at the end to hold up an Anti-Allam banner in front of the Sky Sports cameras.

If we are going to be honest when we arrived at the Anlaby Road bus stops at 7pm on Friday we were met with the sight of a small gathering of HCAFC protesters looking slightly desperate. Their ringleader stood on a set of steps and shouted through a megaphone to try and rally the crowd. Eventually the crowd swelled to a couple of hundred fans who were armed with several banners and Allam hating songs to sing.

As they marched to the West Stand reception they made themselves heard and in front of several photographers and the Sky Sports cameras. The crowd continued to grow as the group reached the West Stand and the chanting went on for another ten minutes. People joined the group before entering the ground and the protest will not have gone unnoticed.

The protests continued in the ground and the game was briefly halted when fans threw stress balls onto the pitch as they did against Nottingham Forest. In that game City went on to lose and many blamed the protests, it will be interesting to get their thoughts now as City went on to record a vital win over Sheffield United.

For the second time this season the protesters have had their voices heard on Sky Sports in front of the nation but the question is will it make any difference? Arguably the last protest against Forest brought the Allams to the table. Let’s be honest though about as much progress was made in those phony meetings as the diplomatic relations between America and North Korea. Ehab Allam cancelled the last meetings due to the threat of protests and following the Sheffield United game it is likely that Ehab will come back to the table with City supporters groups again.

To be honest though whether Ehab meets with certain hand picked supporters groups or not it will make absolutely no difference because nothing was ever going to change, that was made perfectly clear by the lack of progress from the first two meetings so anyone who blames the protesters if the meetings are now permanently cancelled needs to see the bigger picture.

In any walk of life you have a right to protest and the City supporters who have chosen to use that right should not be slaughtered on social media, nor should they ram their protests down everyone’s throats. The HCAFC group and others like it are crying out for help and they want their club back but the sad fact is that protesting is like poking a bear with a stick and this bears name is Ehab Allam. He will not be a happy man and is sure to retaliate. Watch this space.




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