City Ladies: Pen Pics

Here are FanaticHull’s not so accurate pen pics of some of the Tigresses stars, in no particular order. Some are more truthful then others, you decide..

5. Ellice Jackman:  Ellice scares the shit out of the FanaticHull lads so God knows what the opposition teams think of her. (We know you’re nice off the pitch, Ellice)
Note: Ellice’s mum is great because she buys a mag from us every week!

12. Hope Knight: Hope is a bit of a lunatic who doesn’t give a f**k who she upsets and she scores loads and loads of goals.

9. Jo Symington: Captain, Leader, Legend! (not at all self-proclaimed)
Editor’s note: Jo absolutely insisted on writing her own pen pic..

7. Katie Thompson: The Princess on the wing, Rumour has it Cristiano Ronaldo copies Katie’s free kick technique and uses the same moisturiser.

26. Nat Bell: Natalie is far too nice to be a ginger (Daz: we are born to be angry)

2. Eden Pedersen: Baby faced assassin with a rocket in her right foot.

6. Natasha Cooke: Much like Ellice, but we have seen Tash smile once, but it may have been a bit of ‘wind’.

3. Meg Render: Love her tatt’s, hate her rugby league team.

4. Emma Lee: For someone so young, Bent’s has more experience then Old Mother Hubbard.

1. Amy Halloran: Amy has the footwork of Neymar and could stop a runaway horse with her hands. Don’t make her angry though, you’ll regret it.

8. Sophie Stamp: Pulls more strings then Punch and Judy’s Mum.

10. Ellie Harding: Ellie may as well play in bare feet has she runs her socks off every week.

11. Rebecca Beech: Beechy gets through more work than a Polish labourer.

14. Liv Jackson: Liv must eat duracell batteries for breakfast because she never stops running/

16. Ellie Tanser: Player of the match every week, well that’s what our colleague Dave told us to put, seen as his company sponsors Ellie.

18. Liberty Bott: Salutes her goals like a statue, so keep your eye out for our very own Statue of Liberty.

19. Emma Westmorland: Westy is like a westy, snaps at anything that moves in midfield.

25. Rachael Ackroyd: Ackers runs more than Forrest Gump.

34. Rachael Wiles: Rach is a definite nutter, who in their right mind starts as a goalie and becomes a centre back?? Centre forward.. yes but centre back…..really?

Head Coach: Danny Johnson: Has a few anger issues and a seemingly pathological hatred for fat linesman.

Manager Rachel Gay: Just a really really really nice person. (we need to keep Rach sweet otherwise we won’t get an interview)


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