Mass exodus at Ferriby

At the beginning of the season, North Ferriby fans expected a flood of players wanting to leave the club, whether this be for financial reasons or any other reasons, we don’t know.

Ferriby did however manage to keep some vital pieces of what is seeming to be a damn confusing jigsaw. Yet, Ferriby managed to keep hold of some of the most important players in the roster, including Ross Durrant, Simon Russell, Jake Skelton and Curtis Bateson. However it has turned out that the mass exodus has happened in the middle of the season.

It began in November, when Ferriby stalwart Curtis Bateson jumped ship to Gainsborough, to rejoin the club he played for before he joined Ferriby. He was a great player for the club, but was really unlucky with injury throughout his time here – he was absolutely crucial in the promotion year to the National League, ripping defences apart left right and centre. There were plenty of loanees brought in from Rotherham, including Darnelle Bailey-King, Mason Warren and Kuda Muskwe, who all made a slight impact, but were not good enough. They were gone by the time Jamie Waltham and Chris Bolder came in to take charge of the club.

Another one who we all thought was going to be a positive signing at the start of the season was Alberto Seidi. He made an immediate impact on the supporters, earning himself his own fan club. This was another one who really didn’t work out.

Joel Ambalu is again one at the beginning of the season who Steve Housham brought in, and really didn’t turn out how he or Housh will have wanted to. He is another one who has gone out the door.

More recently though, captain fantastic Simon Russell has departed the club, again leaving to join Dave Frecklington at Gainsborough. It’s funny Sam Shepherd and I were talking to the VFTAE team at the York game on New Years Day, saying how lucky we were to actually keep him. What idiots we were (makes a change). Following that, it was confirmed that Jake Skelton was the latest one to leave, joining the resurgent Shaw Lane Aquaforce. Its such a shame, because Skelton is a good centre half.

However, it must be said that it isn’t all bad. There have been many new faces brought into the club, especially since Jamie Waltham and Chris Bolder have come in. One of the most interesting signings is the return to the club of winger Alex Davidson. I’m really pleased that Alex is back – he was fantastic when he was at the club previously. Obviously he is now a fair bit older, but he is still packing the pace needed down the wing.

Jerome Slew is another one who has caught the eye. His only problem really is the lack of end quality from the winger. Carl Stewart joined the club in early December from Goole, and is quite simply built like a brick s***house. He looks like he is able to cope at this level and will score a few goals for the Villagers, which has been missing all season – we’ve only scored 10 goals. The signing however that got everyone talking is the signing of Brett Agnew. Obviously Agnew is known for being a major part of the setup at Hull United, banging in the goals left, right and centre. Lets hope he can do this for Ferriby.



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