The Ehab Fan Club #2

For months now, we have been trying to find someone who will offer the other side of the Ehab argument.

There are many fans and commentators out there who will tell you that the current owner of Hull City is a good bloke, but when you ask them to put it in writing they refuse to be associated with their own words. That was until now. We have found him. The man is Richard “Dick” Thrasher and he thinks that the way the club is being run is perfectly fine. Draw your own conclusions and if you have an opinion, let us know, you might make it into print.

Dear Reader,

The mailbag was bulging this week after my first article in the last issue of FanaticHull, well I had two emails. The first was some idiot calling in to question my parentage and my sanity. The second was from a lifelong City fan who, on the whole, agreed with my sentiments about our club owners. They don’t have horns, aren’t the evil spawn of Lucifer and don’t possess a three headed dog.

Then I went on Facebook and Twitter to see the usual barrage of hate/abuse/anger all aimed at the man in charge. When a club like ours has reportedly a wage bill in the top 10 of the Championship sides, we should be expecting better things from the team and new manager, rather than continually slagging off the owners. When will people get the fact that it’s the players on the pitch, many of which are internationals, that win, lose or draw games. It is not the bloke who pays their wages.

Should Ehab and co meet with the fan groups? Why the hell should he? These same people are doing everything they can to disrupt the team, the club/game/fan atmosphere, and therefore are directly damaging the club they profess to love so much. The Allam’s own the club, they bought it, no one else put their hand in their pocket and said, “Here, I’ll guarantee a debt of £70 million.” You might not like how the club is being run at the moment, but do you honestly think that by making the atmosphere toxic, you will influence their thinking? If you do you’re deluded. Ask any Grimsby Town or North Ferriby fan what playing in their tin pot league is like, or better yet speak to an older City fan who can remember the team playing in the mid 90’s in Division Three. I still shudder when I hear the names David Lloyd or Mark Hateley. It wasn’t too long ago we were staring oblivion in the face.

The team at FanaticHull want balance. They want more contributors who are not fixated on the owners and can see beyond that to what is actually happening on the pitch and with the team. I hear it all the time on social media, negativity followed by negativity, and its annoying the hell out of me. No wonder Adkins is having trouble attracting players to the club, and let’s face it we desperately need a decent central defender, because Hector is completely useless.

To all the boo boys, I say, shut up, get behind the team, show them you care. Ehab Fan Club is now two members strong.

Dick Thrasher



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