Make the meetings meaningful

By the time the next meeting between the Allam’s and the ‘chosen few’ happens in early February, the transfer window will be closed again and we could conceivably be in the bottom three and out of the FA Cup and all be on collective ‘suicide watch’.

The apparent thawing of relations between the supporters groups (the quiet ones that is) and the Allams was seen by some as a step in the right direction, but it appears that from the first two meetings, not a lot has changed.

The supporters have asked for reasonable changes, like using our proper name or a fair pricing structure that allows generations of the same family  to attend the odd game without having to sell a kidney or cull a child, but these requests have been met with the usual ‘fuck off, my club, my rules” type of answer that we have come to expect from Allam junior.

The chosen few, but especially Hull City Supporters Trust have tried their best to persuade the Allams that they actually bought Hull City AFC and not Hull Tigers and that the fan base of the club are mostly local, and the rebranding wouldn’t have 30,000 Thai Lady boys walking around Bangkok in a black and Amber shirt and that the vast majority of our adult fans were lying con men who loved nothing more then saving a few quid by buying a grandad ticket, after all by the Allam calculator the KCOM is full to the brim every week and all those empty seats have been paid for anyway.

In short, reasonable requests from the fans point of view have mostly been rejected out of hand because they don’t suit the agenda or rhetoric of the owners, simple methods like using stewards to govern the turnstiles or dedicated ‘grandad’ turnstiles be deployed have been met with a flat NO. It seems that every other club in the land that use these ‘out of the box’ ideas are all wrong and our owners know best and they won’t be ‘bullied’ into using common sense to eradicate a minor problem.

The lack of compromise coupled with an insane dictatorial outlook on things has seen no changes whatsoever apart from yet another pointless meeting to look forward to. I may be an old cynic but the timing of the first meeting seemed designed to quieten the growing protests just as old man Allam was to meet Liz Windsor which to be honest worked in that no visual presence was seen or vocal presence heard. Allams 1 Protesters 0.

Again my cynicism tends to suggest that Ehaw reckoned he could use the ‘sensible’ supporter groups to quell the noisy, disruptive bastards by suggesting that any unwelcome activities or actions would lead to the meetings been cancelled and the Status Quo reintroduced, or in other words “if you can’t shut them fuckers up, we’re taking our bat and ball home”.

Well some may have heeded the warning in the hope that Ehaw wasn’t a 24 carat twat and did have a degree of flexibility and the good of the club at heart but in truth that’s bollocks, a porn stars cock is more flexible and serial killers have more heart then what Ehaw has.

The noisy faction (THE HULL CITY PROTESTERS GROUP)  have been busy behind the scenes formulating plans to ramp up the action and have invited anyone who wishes to hear about some of their plans to an open meeting at the Boot Room Pub, on the 17th January 7:30pm.

Whichever way you feel protests should be directed at the regime it is important to recognise that the aim of the vast majority of disgruntled fans from sensible or noisy side is to remove the Allams from the ownership of OUR club.

If Ehaw sits down with some of our fans in February he needs to realise that one way or another, hopefully sooner rather then later, he will go and we will still be here to the bitter end. Lip service is not enough anymore and reasonable agreement has to be concluded with the fans. It’s time to stop pissing in the wind and time to try to agree to  some things.

The main problems facing the fans can be resolved with a little bit of movement from the Allams, which will subdue the protests but if the Allams continue to ride roughshod over every City fan then the noisy fans will only get louder and even the ‘sensible’ fans will begin to lose the restraint they have shown so far.

A word of advice to Ehaw would be, stop taking the piss and try to work with us… know it makes sense really.



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