What the f*** is a bounce ball?

Pastures new in 2018/19 for Katie Thompson (R)

We asked the girls if they had any stories from their time with City Ladies that wouldn’t get any of them locked up or start a fight amongst each other…

Jo recounted a story below that ended with her and Katie getting themselves into a bit of bother (AGAIN).

She recalls, “We was playing away at Morecambe in a league fixture last season. Ellie Harding had found herself in a great position with the ball at her feet just inside the Morecambe penalty area with no opposition player anywhere near her. Ellie looked all set to score and went to smash the ball into the net but she made a ball’s up of her effort and totally missed the ball and almost fell flat on her arse.

“Cue the inner five year old come out in myself and Katie, we found this totally hilarious and we couldn’t stop pissing ourselves laughing at Ellie’s misfortune. Oblivious what was happening around us we managed to contain our laughter and bladder’s and calm down (a bit) and started to get back into position, quickly realising that our private hilarity had lasted a bit too long and the rest of the girls were nearly off the pitch and back in the changing rooms because the ref had blown for half time.

“We’d been pissing ourselves too much to notice the whistle had gone and we quickly regained some composure to join the girls hoping no one had noticed but unfortunately for us this wasn’t the case as we got into a bit of trouble for that.”

Well Jo in our opinion as the captain and leader of the team you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself and we sincerely hope you offered poor Ellie an apology……..

Did anyone get it on video??

katie bounce ball

Note: I checked the result of the game and City won 2-1 with goals coming courtesy of Symington and Thompson so maybe they were forgiven on the way home.

On reading this story I think that there will be more to this unashamed bout of laughter when it comes to the dastardly duo of  Symington and Thompson.

Katie was the 5th victim in our HUGELY popular 1-2-11 feature and one of her answers involved bounce balls and beans!! I didn’t have a flaming clue what she was talking about (my wife will testify that this is nothing new for me because I often don’t have a clue when it comes to woman speak). I thought Katie had strange eating habits that included eating rubber balls and plenty of flatulence. but as per normal I was wrong.

Katie explained the bounce ball looks like bird food and is an energy booster, so if you see her pecking the ground, she hasn’t lost her marbles she’s probably just a bit peckish.

Apparently last year’s weird food of choice for the duo was ‘sports beans’ (we don’t know either!) but the girls believed that if they didn’t have them before each game they’d lose but all it did was annoy the shite out of the rest of the squad because it made them hyper as f**k. This may explain the fit’s of laughter at Morecambe because they may have got their ‘sports beans’ mixed up with some ‘space beans’..


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