Healing hands need to work quickly

Hull City are now three weeks into the most pivotal transfer window in our recent history, and at the time of writing, no new faces have been added to our already under-strength squad, and maybe just as equally important, there have been no departures either.

The concerning part for me though is that the ever bubbly and supreme optimist Nigel Adkins has intimated that it could be a real case of make do and mend instead of ‘in with the new’. It’s no secret that the Allams are tighter than toe cramp and would rather cross their legs than even spend a penny, but statements attributed to Ehaw and regurgitated by Adkins along the line of “we have a lot of injured players nearing fitness and ready to join the fight” sound to me that before anyone new joins we try and use what we have got.

Granted some of the injured players would enhance the chances of survival but let’s be brutally honest we are in a relegation scrap and we can’t afford many more defeats before we’re up shit creek without a canoe, never mind the paddle. We all know Adkins is a physio in a suit but he’d have to have the healing hands of Jesus Christ to get some of the key personnel fit and firing in the next three weeks. Some of our injured players have had more breakdowns then the RAC this season already and will be lacking ‘match fitness’ or even fitness, and even those that have been playing regularly have been accused by the manager of lacking fitness, for God’s sake.

That either tells me that they hadn’t been training properly under laughing Lenny or our fitness and conditioning staff are about as useful as an ash tray on a motor bike. Also who’s to say that some of the ‘injured’ contingent will want to rush back into the shit storm and may want to preserve some kind of reputation and value by not playing.

We have a raft of players that are coming out of contract that have either been stalled on contract discussions or simply don’t want to commit to a likely, soon to be, League One club. Prospective new players and their agents will be aware of this situation, that our beloved owners won’t even talk to the people they employ now.

Reading between the lines in my opinion anyway, Adkins has been told to get his magic hands working on the crocks and start looking in the bargain basement to enhance the squad. He was probably fed the same bullshit and promises that Lenny was in the summer but surely he did his research before committing to being the next neck on the block and knew that it’s easy to tell that Ehaw is lying…..his lips are moving and he’s sucked more money out of the club then Katie Price has sucked cock. Ehaw’s philosophy is plain to see, every pound spent on the football club is a pound wasted, he’s quite happy to see the club die while he’s still getting parachute payments, aka casino fuel.

Those fans that think Bowen signing a new contract a few months back mean he is going to stay or isn’t for sale are either deluded or stupid or both. It increases his value to the Allams and has stated by Adkins days ago “it’d take a massive offer to persuade the club to sell”  doesn’t reassure me or many others because when it comes to player values Ehaw doesn’t seem to understand the word massive. To be honest he’d probably sell as soon as he heard the word ‘million’ used.

Any offer is a massive offer in Ehaw’s eyes and he’ll offload quicker then a teenage virgin in a Hessle road knocking shop if there’s a few noughts in the offer, after all mooring a yacht in St Tropez doesn’t come cheap. If recent history is a guide he’ll sell before he even thinks of investing and if he does invest it will be late on in the window at knock down prices or loans or as increasingly likely we’ll get no one. If the lack of investment or ambition from the owners doesn’t put new players off joining then the shite we are already in will.

But let’s be positive about the situation because after all Ehaw keeps telling us “we are the best run club in the league”………..Go on admit it you saw his lips moving as well.


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