Ehab, why lie?

The worst kept secret in Hull was revealed earlier this month when an article published in the National newspapers showed that the club has been vastly over stating the attendances at the KCOM Stadium this season. If the club’s statistics are to be believed then the average attendance at the KCOM since August is 15,826, are you having a laugh??

People have been picking up on the fact that there appears to be many more empty seats appearing each week and with good reason but the clubs figures are not reflecting this. Matthew Rudd from our friends at Amber Nectar highlighted a freedom of information request submitted in August which shows just how much City fans have been voting with their feet this season. At the Bolton game the club announced an attendance figure of 15,504 while the real attendance was 12,834 including 898 away supporters. Similarly, for the Wolves game the attendance was reported as 17,284 while the real attendance was 14,459 with 1358 away fans helping to boost the numbers at the KCOM.

Now the club is under no obligation to publish the real attendance and many clubs incorporate every pass holder into the attendance figure whether they attend or not but this is a little different as it often is with the Allams. City fans are not stupid and when the ones who still go to the game are greeted with the sight of a soulless half empty stadium they don’t need the club insulting them even further by giving a vastly over stated attendance figure.

What makes the situation more galling is that if the club had been run properly and the fans had been treated with even a little bit of respect the club could happily have announced 17,000+ attendances on a week by week basis without having to lie. The fact is though on the back of a relegation and the prospect of successive relegation’s staring City in the face fans are voting with their feet week by week and the crowds continue to dwindle.

The Allams don’t care about the fans they have made that perfectly clear on several occasions over the years so why lie and pretend more fans are willing to come and watch City than the number who actually come to games. After telling the fans they can die when they want it seems strange that the Allams feel the need to falsely inflate their attendance figures. Surely the Egyptian dictators would prefer it if no City fans went to games as they clearly hate them that much.

People may not agree with me but the Allams don’t give a toss about the fans and they see them as an inconvenience. That much can be seen from these ridiculous and pointless “meetings” they have been conducting with a hand selected tiny group of fans. They are even fobbing them off so they are hardly going to take the opinions of the clubs ever growing number of restless fans who are considering protests are they?

The town is restless the vast majority of the fans are sick of the Allams and the real attendance figures are dropping like a stone. Ehab why not be straight with people for once and be willing to compromise? It’s not a lot to ask but if he carries on like this he will soon have more to worry about than a few stress balls on the pitch.

No progress has been made at these meetings, the squad is paper thin and riddled with injuries, the vultures are circling for Jarrod Bowen and Adkin’s side are only out of the relegation zone on goal difference, but don’t worry there will probably be 18,000 at the Reading game.

To take your mind off the football why not try and count them and see how accurate Ehab’s figures really are.


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