We are ‘warming up’ for the drop.

I said back in September that instead of looking up in the Championship, we had to be looking at relegation and that my ambition for this season would be mid-table mediocrity.

This statement raised a few eyebrows but I’m sorry to say that after yesterday’s disastrous result I genuinely believe we are in the words of Dads army’s Private Frazer “We’re Doomed”!

On the Dads army theme, Nigel Adkins may outwardly be taking the Corporal Jones “Don’t Panic” approach but inwardly I think he’s realised he’s up to his armpits in camel shit.

“Look lads, there’s League 1 over there”.

Listening to his post match interview with Humberside’s Burnsy was excruciating and depressing in equal measure. If the only positives that can be garnered from such an important game are “It’s the best warm up I’ve seen since we got here” then we really are in the camel doo doo.

He kept banging on about getting the ball in the right areas, which is all when and good if you’ve got the players in the right areas to connect with them, so why go with one up top again against a side who’s confidence is lower then a snakes knackers?

Since Adkins came in the Pope has scored more than we have and the basics of winning a football game you have to score at least one to have any chance of that. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to go for the jugular yet we play 70 odd minutes with one up top.

Another positive for (not so) Smiley Nige was the return to the fray of Will Keane after another lengthy lay off, which is a good thing agreed but a player who has hardly played and has a record of 5 senior goals in his career,  hardly raises the optimism levels, but if you believe anything the Allams say our returning injured players will be ‘like’ new signings…..yeah right.

I may be in the minority but I would rather Adkins adopts the ‘shit or bust’ Slutsky  mentality sooner rather then later, if as I and most other long suffering fans know we are hurtling towards League One quicker then a North Korean missile.

One of Adkins’ favourite sayings is “control the controllables” and he controls the team selection (apparently) so he needs to start making bold decisions and start going for wins instead of avoiding defeats, games are running out and he previously stated that we NEED 10 wins to be safe, he has got one in 8 up to now. That record over the remaining games would result in about another 3, so as Frazer would say……..

Private Frazer knows!!

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