Ellie taking big steps towards giant leap

Ellie Tanser has stepped up a level with relative eae.

Arriving at the Tigresses in the summer we asked Ellie Tanser to describe in her own words (and maybe a few from us) about her thoughts and feelings on the move, here’s what she told us.

“I joined Hull City Ladies in the summer and I haven’t looked back since.

“The step up to this league was a massive one from the league I had been playing in.

“I spent a number of years playing for Malet Lambert Ladies. I enjoyed my time with Malet but I needed to step up a level and up to now I am really enjoying playing at a higher level and the standard of the league is overall very good.

“Having never played at this level and not really knowing what to expect from it I don’t know a great deal about the opponents I and the team are coming up against each week, unlike some of the girls in the squad, so it’s safe to say that each new team I and the team face brings a different challenge for me every week”.

We at FanaticHull can testify that Ellie has coped admirably with every challenge that has come her way thus far this season, putting in a number of eye catching performances in the engine room of the team.

Ellie explained some of the differences she has had to become accustomed to since joining the Tigresses.

“One of the first and biggest differences I noticed when I came to City was the training regime. All of the girls put 100% into each and every session, it’s not an option to fall below that standard and Rachel and Danny are on hand to make sure we don’t. The girls always push themselves and each other to the limits in each session while still making it enjoyable and interesting which is really refreshing”.

Having watched some of the gruelling sessions Danny and Rachel ask the girls to complete I can vouch for Ellie’s assessment, but it also important to note that most of the time and nearly all of the girls take part with a smile on their faces and among the serious stuff there is always time for a laugh, mostly at someone’s expense. The hard work on the training field is bearing fruit on the playing field. The old adage of ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ definitely does not apply to this bunch of coaches and players.

Ellie went on to explain how she was received at the club.

“All the girls are really nice and have welcomed not just me but all the new girls who have joined the club in recent months with open arms.

“There is a really good feeling in and around the team and the team spirit is always sky high which helps us all motivate each other both in training and on game day. Anyone who has seen us play this year would agree that this has shone through in all of our performances this season. Character, spirit and togetherness go a long way to a winning champion side and these attributes have come to the fore in games this year, in particular as I recall early on in the season away to Chorley ladies. After a bad start saw us go behind 2-0 we came back to win 4-2.”

The FanaticHull team have seen the attributes Ellie outlined in spades on occasions, this year. Times when things haven’t been going well the girls have shown determination, resilience, guts and skill to come through some sticky patches. A cold wet night in Leeds was a perfect example of the character within the group to come away with a gritty win. This group is tight knit and the willingness to put a shift in for each other is there for all to see.

Ellie went on to say she was itching to get back into the league campaign.

“I am really looking forward to getting stuck right back into some league fixtures, we have had a lot of postponement’s and cancellations due to cup commitments which is good in one way because it means we are still in these competitions, but we want to win the league.”

In our opinion Ellie is a great addition to an already fantastic squad and hopefully her and the squad achieve the number one goal this year of getting promoted with the added bonus of a cup or two thrown in would be nice.


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