Hall Road smashed at Bridlington

What started as the perfect afternoon for Hall Road Rangers ended in complete misery as they capitulated into losing 6-1 to their local rivals Bridlington Town.

Rangers had started the game brightly with a goal from Danny Norton, but that optimism soon evaporated during the course of the game as The Seasiders were rampant in their attack with Jake Day being the main instigator.

It was that bad, that Bill Gill actually issued an apology to the Hall Road fans who made the trip to Bridlington and witnessed their side’s 6-1 defeat to their fierce local rivals.

“Apologies to our supporters who had to watch and sit through that,” he said. “It wasn’t competitive enough and it was a very poor performance with no excuses from any of my players.”

Hall Road took the lead in the 7th minute when Norton scored with a calm finish which gave the visitors the best possible start to the game. However, Bridlington soon started to get into the game and looked very likely to score as they began to create goalscoring chances. James Hitchcock in the Hall Road goal produced a wonderful double save to keep out the hosts and The Seasiders also saw a header hit the crossbar.

The much expected equaliser finally came in the 17th minute when Andy Norfolk poked home after James Hitchcock had dropped his attempted catch of a cross into the Hall Road penalty box. The momentum of the match was well and truly with The Seasiders at this point and they took full advantage of this as the first half went on. Jake Day was a real handful up front and the Hall Road defence struggled to contain him as he grabbed a hat trick in a matter of minutes for the hosts. His first goal came in the 37th minute as he bulldozed his way through to slot home, the second of the three came in the 39th minute and was pretty much a carbon copy of the first as yet again Day managed to push aside his opponents and coolly put the ball into the back of the Hall Road net. This very quick hat trick was completed in the 40th minute and The Seasiders were now 4-1 up, there was no sign that there would be a miraculous comeback from Hall Road but they needed to ensure that the score line wouldn’t become too embarrassing.

Almost immediately after the second half had begun, Bridlington scored a fifth goal in the 47th minute as Rikki Paylor pounced on more questionable defending from Hall Road to compound the misery of the visitors even further. From then on, it was all about just playing for pride for the Hall Road players and they managed to keep that up for the rest of the half right until the 90th minute when Jake Day got his 4th goal of the game and Bridlington’s 6th and he took it very well with a wonderful first touch finish which left James Hitchcock stranded in the Hall Road goal.

Bill Gill was very unsatisfied with his side’s performance and signalled that he hopes for much better performances in the games to come. “I accept losing matches when the opposition have more quality than you but when it is down to attitude and effort in some cases I’m very disappointed. I thought better of our lads than that”, Gill said.

Gill did also point out how Bridlington Town took full advantage of his side’s woeful performance and felt they fully deserved their victory. “There were 2 or 3 players pressing and working hard yesterday. Apart from that, it was far too easy for the opposition and credit to Brid for taking advantage of that”, Gill said.

That was how it was to finish and it means that there will be a lot of reflection to be had by Gill and Andy Watts on how their side performed in this game and what they can do to improve the situation ahead of next Saturday’s home game against Handsworth Parramore.

That will be followed by another home game against Pontefract Collieries on the following Tuesday night and Hall Road really need to improve their form before they become stuck in a very big rut. It is a very dangerous situation to be in and it is imperative that this improves very quickly and this will be acknowledged by everyone associated with the club.

Gill will look to adapt his approach to future games to try and get the best out of his side between now and the end of the season. 

“My work here is to get the best out of this group of players,” he said. “Despite several suspensions and injuries in recent weeks, I’ve struggled to do that.

“It means I need to change things which I intend to do before our next game.”

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