Ehab fan club (where no concessions are allowed)

For months now, we at FH have been trying to find someone who will offer the other side of the Ehab argument.

There are many fans and commentators out there who will tell you that the current owner of Hull City is a good bloke, but when you ask them to put it in writing they refuse to be associated with their own words. That was until now. We have found him. The man is Richard “Dick” Thrasher and he thinks that the way the club is being run is perfectly fine. Draw your own conclusions and if you have an opinion, let us know, you might make it into print.

Dear Reader,

Firstly, let me say that I am sane and rational, which is more than can be said for the knee jerk proportion of the Hull City fan base, known as the Allam Out Brigade. Just like some 1970’s revolutionary group this mob seem to think that just because they shout the loudest, that everyone must agree with what they are saying. This is not the case. There is a silent majority of fans who, whilst not being in love with the owners, recognise that they are at least backing the club with finances.

I’ll be honest if I was a multi-millionaire who owned Hull City and I got the amount of abuse that they get, I’d flog it in a heart beat to the first brainless idiot who could pass the FA’s fit person criteria. The Allam’s haven’t done that. They continue to hold the tiller and attempt to do the best for the club in difficult circumstances. Now I’m not saying that mistakes haven’t happened because they have, but for Christ’s sake they’re only human.

Would changing the name really have been so wrong? It would still have been my club, dropping the word City and replacing it with Tigers, big deal. They would still be playing football in my City, still be wearing the club colours and might be doing better if some big far eastern sponsors had come on board because they like the fact that the club has the word Tigers on the badge. All of the cry babies who were demonstrating saying that it’s their club and who are the Allam’s to change the name need to understand one fact. They OWN the club. If they wish to change the badge or club name, so what. They aren’t looking to move the thing to Milton Keynes or New York for god’s sake.

To have so called fans throwing things on the pitch, marching down the streets outside the ground and waving banners proclaiming “Allam Out” is ridiculous. If you’ve got a spare £70 million buy the club and see how long it is before the boo boys start slagging you off. It’s a thankless task which is impossible to win. Picture this scenario the next time you feel like whining. The Allam’s walk away, put the club in a trust for £1, who will run it? Where will the money come from and what kind of state would the team be in 12 months later?

I for one, am proud to be the first member of the Ehab Fan Club.

Dick Thrasher

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