Ferriby’s proposed move to Dunswell – yay or nay?

The question of North Ferriby United’s possible move to Dunswell and Dene Park is one that is on the lips of every North Ferriby United fan.

Although a lot of Ferriby fans are against the idea due to the fact of necessary re-branding should the move go ahead, leaving all the memories of Wembley and promotions back at the EVM – I accept this point of view totally – but I believe there is more ground for a move than not. Here’s why.

The first main reason why the move should go ahead is the catchment area. Being in Ferriby, the catchment area isn’t exactly enormous. It is a fair trek from the town centre and, considering probably about 85% of the club’s support comes from outside of the Ferriby anyway, so I really don’t see what harm it would do. At Dene Park, the catchment area is much better. You are only 10 minutes away from the huge capacity area of Kingswood, and Hull City Centre is only a 15-minute drive away.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to utilise this move when the village that you currently play in has nothing but a pub and a co-op, when Kingswood is awash with restaurants, pubs and shops, with Hull offering that and more. To be honest, the fans the club would lose from the move would probably be made up and doubled by fans coming in from Hull and Kingswood.

Another reason why the move should happen is Dene Park itself. Ok, at the moment it isn’t the greatest spectacle to look at. It’s got 1 stand, with 3 open bits. Sound familiar? The BIG positive that Dene Park has ahead of the EVM is that it is Jamie Waltham’s land. He can do what he likes. The one main problem with the EVM is that there is absolutely nowhere to park around the ground. The supposed club car park holds about 10 cars, so he could use some of his land to build a car park where people could actually park near the ground! If Ferriby ever managed to get up to the heights they have been in the past few years, Waltham has the ability to develop the ground in correspondence with the National League guidelines, which is something that the club couldn’t do last year.

However, the most important thing is that if the club stays where it is, it will die in 3 or 4 years. No fans, not much income, not much hope. Moving to Dunswell will give the club a new lease of life, and a positive outcome for the future. It is a question of do we want a club any more. I certainly do. I hope after reading this you feel the same.





  1. If Dene park is such a great location then why not simply create a new team there? Hall Road and Hull United didn’t succeed there so why would taking a club from North Ferriby?

  2. The whole issue of taking NFU to dene park is crazy. If JW expects support then he is delusional. He’s already destroyed the supporters hope of staying in this league, lost almost all the original players who were familiar at this level. His attitude is not of a successful business person.

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