Rovers crowd can play a part

If we are to look to a top eight finish this coming season we need to have a winning home record, home points are precious and should be defended with our lives.

Already a cauldron, Craven Park and the fans which will be turning up in great numbers needs to be hostile and intimidating for any side that comes here and tries to take points off us. The season pass sales have gone through the roof again so our fans are showing commitment through their purses and wallets but we need to see and hear every single Robins fan shouting and screaming their support for Tim’s team and scaring the shit out of the opposition.

I’m not saying this is necessarily the case in recent times because we have one of the best sets of fans in the country, but all areas of the ground need to join in. We play in a proper rugby league ground and not a soulless rented football stadium like some I could mention. It sounds and looks to me at times that the supposed ‘big’ team from this city with the self titled ‘best fans in the world’ become mute when they going into Allam stadium. It would take a small bomb going off in West Park to create an atmosphere in that place, even when it’s half full never mind as empty as it normally is.

Our home support has been fantastic in recent times and we have the best travelling fans in Super League, bar none, but it’s easy to say but we will have a lot tougher ride this year and undoubtedly be in some games where our backs will be against the wall and these are the games where a strong loud fan base come into their own.

The noise and the atmosphere that can be generated at Craven Park could be the extra 1% we may need to get across the line. Every area of the ground needs to be as vociferous as the East Stand, unlike Hull City’s ground there isn’t a ban on shouting and screaming support for the boys.

It’s easy to support a winning side (even though there was still some murmurings last season) but as any true diehard will tell you it’s the ‘thin’ times during the year that our support counts the most. I wonder how many of the ‘diehards’ from over the river were the same ones holding up ‘Radford Out’ banners not so long ago?

We have an unwavering hard core of fans and a growing band of either new or returning fans that can make Craven Park a scary and intimidating place for players and fans of the other clubs and if we can do that we will be doing our part in helping the lads to the win. If we are going through a tough patch we need to stay strong, vocal and loud all around the ground and not let any doubts or worries translate onto the pitch. Not many players from other clubs will relish playing in front of a bouncing Craven Park that’s for sure.

We’ve all been on our travels watching the Robins, some a lot longer then others and we all know how much the players and coaches appreciate seeing and hearing large numbers of fans behind them and we’ve also seen some of the pathetic support that travel over to East Hull to support their sides, even the ‘best fans’ in the world seem to have trouble hitch hiking five miles over the river, either that or the sight of water scares the shit out of the great unwashed.

Craven Park will be buzzing this year supporting any player picked by Sheens, because what we must remember especially in the games were we are struggling or not playing well that we go there to support the club and the players and we are back in the big league where we belong. As long as every player puts in 100% effort then we as fans have to do the same, it goes with the job. This year could be the start of the next great period for our club and if you got extra league points for your fans then we’d be Grand Finalists every year.

The fans and players of other clubs might not like the KR army invading somewhere every other week but the Chairmen and accountants of the other clubs will that’s for sure, we saw even last year that the amount of fans who travel to support the boys, some clubs would be happy to have as a weekly home attendance, the likes of Salford and Huddersfield will be outnumbered by the KR mob. I genuinely believe that a loud, proud travelling army lift the team and give them just what they need.

If we did win the majority of our home games and beat the likes of Salford, Huddersfield and Widnes away then we should comfortably be in the Super 8s and if we as fans stay true, loud and proud then we can make that happen.

Remember there’s 50 thousand deaf mute unwashed vagrants in the West so lets make sure the voice of Hull is coming from the East. We may not have the best team in Super League (YET) but we definitely have the best fans that’s for sure, just remember to let everyone else know.

Oh just one other thing, we don’t need a drum to start a song, unlike some Super League supporters..



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