Relationships and trust

For any partnership to work there must be firstly a relationship and secondly trust. Mr Allam came into our club as the saviour, the man who would put the name of Hull City in the place of honour we all craved for.

From the outset everything appeared rosy Assem and Ehab completed the takeover in December 2010 and promised an immediate injection of £30 Million into the club. Oh how our club needed this injection, it was that or our club was heading for administration. Russell Bartlett had ran the club just about into the ground. Selling many of the better players after an unsuccessful campaign in the Premier League we were some £35 Million in the red.

What was never revealed was if this was after the promised Premier League payments how bad the situation was. Our manager Nigel Pearson did his best under very difficult circumstances but some money was available for investment.

Things started well and after a first season of consolidation we started to recover. A succession of managers including some very strange appointments, Iain Dowie springs to mind. Stability was restored in 2012 when Steve Bruce was appointed and he steered us back to the Promised Land with a last game draw at Cardiff.

Better things were to come over the next few years with a Wembley cup final appearance against Arsenal. Sadly it was a step too far but what a dig we gave it.

For many of us this roller coaster was the stuff of dreams, Roy of the Rovers comic book hero’s but did we enjoy it. But the party started to turn sour. As I said for a relationship to work there has to be trust. Our owners promised the world but threatened the removal out of Hull. Problems with the fans came as a direct result of the conflict with Hull City Council and their reluctance to give away the City’s price possession.

Grand plans to redevelop the stadium and increase the capacity together with a vast redevelopment of the whole complex which included a hotel, and multi-functional arenas for many different sports, was greeted by most as a good progression and something which could generate vale interest and revenue for the stadium. The Council refused to “give away” the stadium and the downwards spiral started.

Never football people the Allams showed their hands as people who wanted the best but for a price. They have alienated the fan base by firstly changing the name of the club in every way except at the FA. Then by changing the pricing structure further pricing out fans. Don’t get me wrong their motives are to stop the club from being uncompetitive. But I don’t want to see fans priced out of their seats they are the lifeblood of the club they are the heartbeat, but this has happened.

Many families are now not able to go because it just costs far too much.  I have to pick and choose now, I choose to go to home games I don’t travel away anymore, we all have to make decisions that we don’t necessarily want to.

The relationship is an all-time low, promises they have made to give time to supporters groups to discuss genuine concerns have been glossed over. Our name and the pricing debacles have turned many fans against them, hence trust is non-existent.

What is needed is compromise, we need dialog, we need a strong City bust most of all we need a United Hull City to move forward together.

If that way is through new owners then so be it. The Club is up for sale, if and when a buyer comes in if they are serious at wanting out then they need to take it. Keep the faith we are in this together for the long haul as we sing City Till I Die.






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