City fans mugged off in meetings

After another meeting with a select few fan representatives it is becoming clear that about as much progress has been made as David Davis has managed in the Brexit negotiations.

The Allams hand picked the fans they wanted to talk to and have been spinning them line after line hoping that we will buy it. In reality though when you see through the bullshit nothing has changed nor is it likely to for the foreseeable future.

The report on the meeting published by the Hull City Supporters Trust showed that the Allam’s aren’t willing to compromise on much especially the concession pricing structure and appear to be holding these meetings to appease protests rather than to make any actual progress. Well if nothing changes they can expect more protests, not less.

Fans took to twitter to have their say on the meeting and several hit the nail on the head. Mark Herman joked, “It’s a tight old race. Which will be first? Brexit, HS2, the Allams taking any action to appease fans or the invention of driverless hover cars”. My money is on the hover cars. Pete Johnson summed up the situation perfectly, “The Hull City Supporters Committee is limping along with no evidence it can ever be a vehicle for collective decision making or a change agent. The solid brick wall still remains”. That is bang on, the reality we have to accept it that as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and the Allams own Hull City nothing will ever change for the positive.

A new improved pricing structure was proposed by the HCST which would see slight increases in Adult prices and reductions in OAP and youth ticket prices. If the membership numbers stayed exactly as they are now the club would lose £5,077 a year however should a mere 17 new members join based on the new pricing structure the club would benefit from increased revenue. Sounds pretty feasible doesn’t it? Ehab said he will consider the proposal…. We won’t hold our breath.

The Allams insist the prices are set as they are now to avoid Adults using concession tickets to go to games. There are two problems with that. Firstly you are punishing fans who fall into concession categories and they have been voting with their feet and secondly every other club in the county manages to police this problem effectively so surely it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for “The best run club in the country”. It’s a poor excuse and an insult to the supporters.

The HCST also reiterated the need for the club to use the name “Hull City” in all of it’s branding. The name change was rejected and it’s about time the owners accept that. Arrogant Ehab once again stated he wouldn’t be bullied on this issue and as the HCST report states that is an insult to fans who have put up with a seemingly endless stream of poor treatment by the club over the last few years.

The club have agreed to work with supporters on a new badge, apparently even Ehab doesn’t like the current one. The name “Hull City” needs to be displayed to give the fans something to be proud of but we all know that probably won’t happen. If the miracle did happen the club would probably see a surge in shirt sales but that’s the logical answer so the Allams will never go for it.

In short very limited progress has been made, about as much as you see on Ferensway during rush hour in Christmas week, and my guess is nothing will have changed before the next meeting in February. We aren’t stupid Ehab.


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