Ben Cockayne: A local servant

If there’s one bloke who wanted Rovers to get back into Super League more than anyone it has to be Ben Cockayne, even though he won’t be there to take the field when we do.

Charlie will be playing with our partner club York this season but he will want nothing more to be part of the party when we finish in the top eight. He has been the life and soul of our club on and off the field for a decade and richly deserves his ongoing testimonial. Who will ever forget his man of the match performance the day we got promoted for the first time or the match winning try against Wakefield in our first ever game in Super League.

Even though he wasn’t born in Hull has there ever been a Robin who loved to beat the Dullers more than Ben? I doubt it, he knows what it means for us to knock shite out of the bar code army and many a time revelled in doing just that. We know he’s made some fuck up’s in his life, nobody is perfect, and he paid the price for them, but he went away worked hard and came back a better player, even more determined to grab his second chance with the Robins.

He suffered more heartache than most of the fans when he wasn’t selected for Wembley and then there was the pain of relegation in 2016 too, but he’s never complained and just got on and worked harder to get back in the side when needed and by and large done a great job. Ben played in any position for the Robins you asked without question and put 100% into every performance and never gave up until the final hooter was sounded.

Off the field Ben loves nothing better then getting the West Hull inbreds biting like a rabid dog on Twitter as well as his business activities, selling and marketing things like Herbalife, posh coffee and wine to name a few. If his selling skills are as successful with the Robins commercial department this season then we will have the tills ringing.

Because of his personality and his attitude to life, Ben put everything into his last few games for the Robins as if his life depended on it. Now that our promotion is well and truly confirmed and the celebrations have subsided he will see his new challenge at York as the next chapter in his eventful career and will give every ounce of what he’s got to make York the best team they can be.

Ben Cockayne epitomises what it means to be a Robin and will always hold a special place in the heart of the Red and White faithful, so when you venture to the pub this season raise a glass to Charlie and thank him for the memories.


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