Welcome to City Nigel, you’re in for a rough ride, pal

So, the Russian Revolution is over, and Nigel Adkins has taken the hot seat. *cliché number one*.

It’s an extremely safe decision from the owners, but I believe that Nigel has the experience to really steady the ship. I think promotion is definitely off the cards now, so he must make sure that City stay clear of that dreaded drop zone. So what has he got to look out for? Here are a few things…

DO NOT sell Jarrod Bowen

With the way his season is going, Jarrod Bowen will be right in the front of the window of the so called big clubs. I could see a team who like to play attacking football like Everton looking at him. But without Jarrod’s goals, City would without question be in the relegation zone. It is IMPERATIVE that Nigel Adkins doesn’t let him go. What worries me though is the Allams. If one of the big teams comes in with a good offer, I really can’t see them turning it down. If they are going to let him go, they need to ensure that they replace him with someone just as good, if not better. Bastards.

The Club Divide

It’s clear for everyone to see that the club is an absolute state. Adkins must understand that the fans are angry, and will do what they can to get their opinions across. He needs to learn to have a relationship not only with the Allams, but with the fans too. He has got to try and distract the players from what is going on off the pitch, since all the supporters are actually supporting the team, they are just showing their dislike for the ownership. Perhaps, if the performances of the team improved, the level of anger would be toned down inside the ground and there would be a much more positive vibe around the whole club.

Get Kamil Grosicki to the top of his game

Grosicki receives a lot of stick from City fans, some of which is correct. What is so frustrating is that he is an absolutely fantastic player, brilliant on the ball and can score a screamer when you want him to, but he is just not consistent at all. I’d have thought Leonid Slutsky would’ve been the man to be able to get the best out of him, however it just didn’t happen. Hopefully, with Adkins’ plethora of experience at this level, he can get the Pole firing. When he’s on form, he’s capable of leading a team to beat anyone, which is why City bought him in the first place. I just really don’t think his heart is in it, which could easily be turned round if he gets regular football and is playing in a team that is playing well.

In fact, get the whole team to the top of their game

I feel bad just singling Kamil Grosicki out, since the whole squad really haven’t been playing well at all. The squad is 100% worthy of competing for the play offs, and maybe even automatic promotion, but the amount of late goals has absolutely shattered the players and the fans’ confidence. But why is that? Was it due to management? Was it due to a lack of professionalism or a lack of fitness? Who knows. But it needs to change quickly, or Adkins will have to do what he did with Southampton with City, take them from League One to the Premier League. With the likes of Jarrod Bowen, Fraizer Campbell and Allan McGregor aside, I don’t really think you can pinpoint anyone who has had a particularly good season. The amount of international quality players in the squad, David Meyler, Seb Larsson, and Ola Aina, who have not done much this season is really frustrating as well as being pathetic. Lets hope the new manager can force the players to buck up their ideas and give them a fright by letting them know what they could get themselves into.


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