Call that an olive branch..

It looked at one stage, as brief as it was, that the Allam’s had had a momentary lapse of narcissism when they announced that they were prepared to sit down and talk with supporter groups to try to resolve some of the catastrophic rifts between both sides this season.

However it turns out that the olive branch extended by Ehaw and his deluded dad was in fact the equivalent of a stinging nettle or a stick smeared in dog shit. Maybe the timing of the announcement was coincidental, but I doubt this highly as everything the Allam’s do is planned and calculated to cause as much disruption and conflict as possible, just happened to be two days before some old biddy from London was invited to open a pair of curtains.

The Allam’s call for an amnesty isn’t a genuine attempt to try and heal wounds, it was timed perfectly on their behalf to stop any planned disturbance at the opening of the Allam medical facility at Hull Uni and therefore not embarrass the old man in front of dear old Liz. Any protest would’ve have had the Allam’s and their sycophantic apologists screaming in uproar to local media who themselves are scared to death of upsetting East Yorkshire’s answer to Robert Mugabe, I mean the recent ‘in depth’ interview with Ehaw was about as probing as an impotent eunuch. Self preservation within some media outlets is the be all and end all to them.

If the Allam’s had been held to account earlier on in their reign of horror, we may not have got to the stage were we are at now, but for a number of years all we have had is rectal smoke blowing as resulted in the utter contempt the great people of Hull and the supporters of Hull City AFC are now subjected to.

No sooner had our Liz kicked off her comfy shoes and big coat and got tucking into the gin and peanuts on the royal train out of here, the old man was spouting his shite on the TV again saying the ‘militants’ and the council were preventing the club being sold.

Fuck Off Assem, we weren’t quite so militant and the council were still a mute benign opponent to you when you stated a few years ago that you’d walk within 24 hours or sell for a quid, and maybe if you’d done as you said the legacy of destruction you reign over now wouldn’t have been so bad and Ehaw would be busy fucking somebody else’s life over and you could be happy wallowing in your own piss.

You want the noisy ‘minority’ and the militant fuckers you so wish would be dead by now to be quiet and stop the protests, so it would be logical and sensible to engage in dialogue with these groups surely? So to find out that the meeting between the club and the groups wasn’t inclusive at all was a big kick in the bollocks. In fact none of the ‘militants’ or agitators were at the meeting because it was a fucking hand picked gathering of groups who have been POLITELY asking for dialogue and change over recent times but what have they had…..FUCK ALL.

If the queen isn’t the reason then the very people the Allam’s want silenced are the one’s who weren’t ‘invited’ to the meeting, so why have the meeting in the first place? I’ll answer my own question, so they can say to the media that they’ve shown willingness to discuss the concerns of groups whilst all the time knowing that the invitee’s will just roll over and say nothing, even if they could, because no doubt there will be gagging orders or clauses in any agreements that become invalid if someone speaks out of turn. I can imagine that the meeting resembled a Chinese communist party conference, where debate will be encouraged until Ehaw gets bored or a text message from his favourite Sesame Street character and all votes carried unanimously if favour of the supreme leader, due to the fact any suspicious looking folk will have been taken outside and shot. (Metaphorically of course…….well I’d hope so but you can never be 100% sure with these twats).

They will put out the usual bullshit spiel, that the majority of the fans are in agreement with them and the militants are spoiling it for the rest and should cease immediately. Social media rows will ensue putting fans against fans and strengthening the hand of the regime. Divided fans are ineffectual fans, but worse then being ineffectual is submission and for some at least, that is not on the agenda.

I think even Robert Mugabe would tell the Allam’s they may be going a bit too far.


*The article first appeared in Issue 23 of FanaticHull fanzine. For more like it, check out Issue 24 out at the Brentford game.

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