Leonid Slutsky’s reign of terror ended by a guy in a Lamborghini

It’s ironic that the ‘best run club’ in English Football has had to sack their manager after falling to 20th place in the Championship and sitting just three points off the drop, but that’s the current scenario for Hull City AFC, who have confirmed that they have parted company with Head Coach Leonid Slutsky by “mutual consent”. 

The likeable Russian was clearly on borrowed time after recent poor results, with many media outlets hinting a sacking would follow after both the Bristol City and Millwall games. That didn’t pan out and after another lead was blown away at Sheffield Wednesday, the Allams have finally made a decision for the duo to spilt.

The right one? Well it goes without saying that Slutsky is such a nice guy and it is a genuine shame that it hasn’t worked out for him. He’s a gentleman and you don’t get many of them in modern day football. It’s worth pointing out too that City was his first job in a foreign country and it was always going to be difficult, but it’s been made even harder for him by the repulsive dictator that ‘runs’ our football club.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the man who employed Slutsky has let him down badly. That struggle is ultimately to blame for a lot of our woes this season and is a main reason why we’re sliding down the Championship table faster than our vice chair drives to the Midlands on a Friday night. But despite our anger being directed towards a certain family and their actions, there’s an argument too that Slutsky wasn’t adapting to the way football is played in this country. He was on occasion tactically naive and he even admitted the solutions to City’s troubles evaded him – a concerning statement for any manager at any club to make.

A man out of his depth then it seems, but it all stems from our root problem, and whilst Slutsky no doubt made mistakes, that root is the Allams. We’ll defend the Russian to some extent. Did our late and rushed recruitment really come off his and his coaching staffs wish list? Did he ultimately think his arrival so full of joy would turn into discontent just six months later? Did he really think he’d spend his first few weeks training a squad that would be shook up and sold over the summer? He was promised no more player departures. That was a lie. As a result Hull City isn’t a team that has gelled together, at least on the actions demonstrated throughout the season, from the rudderless midfield to the problems at the back, there’s evident issues here that need to be addressed. From day one Slutsky was playing catch up and despite his managerial ability being up for debate, he was barely given a chance from the powers that be.

If Hull City are to stay in this league, and believe me when I say relegation is a real concern, then that can’t happen again. We’ve got to hope now that there is a bloke out there who can better organise and motivate this club. There’s no getting away from the fact that the current squad is poor, despite their fairly decent ability to attack, but that’s what’s happens after back-to-back summer exodus’ and panic buying, but saying that it’s no worse than some teams who are well above us. The old what if situation if we hadn’t leaked so many late goals and lost leads this season comes to mind, but if anything it’s an indication that our problems go way beyond what’s delivered on a football pitch – but we already knew that. Hardy the fault then of the Russian revolution and his lack of ammunition to fire us into something of a respectable position in the countries most competitive league. Food for thought, at least.

Meanwhile Hull City’s Head of Club Strategy and mate of Slutsky, Oleg Yarovinsky, has also left his role at the club. He lasted 42 days, that’s shorter than Brian Clough at Leeds United. Scenes. Lee Darnborough however remains at large. Scandalous if his employment isn’t terminated as well. The favourite now to come into City and hopefully provide some stability, after Phelan, Silva and Sluts, is Nigel Adkins, rumoured to be a pal of Ehab, and a pal who was at Millwall recently to watch us get a point in a miserable 0-0 contest.

If Adkins does get the job then hopefully he’ll have some control as to what goes on, as without it, and as Leonid Slutsky will advocate, getting Hull City out of their current predecement is pretty much the impossible job.


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