Feel free to prove me wrong..

All of a sudden the protest groups and those that agree with them are doing more harm then good to Hull City than what Ehaw has done. That’s if you believe the keyboard warriors, mainly found on Facebook, that have crawled out from under their pyramids.

After the ‘stress ball’ protest at the Nottingham Forest game, social media was awash with City fans who called it embarrassing and disruptive to the team and Slutsky….REALLY?

In my opinion as a ‘lapsed’ City fan who refuses to pay my money over to the Allams because of their systematic and callous ways of destroying OUR club I find it embarrassing that so called diehards sit on their arses calling other fans who are at the end of their tether and are distraught at what has/is happening to Hull City AFC.

Common sense and dialogue isn’t even on the Allam’s agenda and they treat EVERY fan of City on both sides of the divide with contempt, disregard and downright insulting behaviour that if left unchecked and not questioned will see the narcissistic little fucker not only drain the club of every saleable asset (and there isn’t a lot left) he will rip the heart and soul out of the club and flush it down the shit pan and walk away extremely wealthy and guilt free (in his eyes) leaving ALL City fans hoping that the damage isn’t irreparable.

All dictatorial maniacs who are left alone to do what they want do just that, whatever the fuck they want until someone stands up to them. The courageous ones who stand up in the first place are usually small in number and are derided by the apologists of said dictator until the tide starts to change, when all of a sudden the apologists change their minds quicker then a virgin’s first blow job lasts.

Our fanzine is an equal opportunities organisation and we would welcome any Allam apologist/supporter to put forward a case for the accused and write as many bloody articles as you want stressing your points, instead of calling the actions of others, embarrassing, hurtful and disruptive.

If you think you can persuade the growing band of activists that this is the case, then feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to print your case. The truth is we have tried constantly to have a balance in FanaticHull but not ONE Allam supporter has fronted up and taken on the challenge of trying to defend the indefensible.

All Hull City fans who read or comment in FanaticHull, or who we know personally are on the side of the ’embarrassing’ mob, so if you are one of the Allam the Saviour mob and can put forward an argument of more then 140 characters then be our guest. The pages are blank waiting for you to have your say with no editorial interference or editing whatsoever, we’d love to hear from you. If I and thousands of others are wrong, point us in the right direction and articulate your points, I am sure it’d be better then my rants will ever be, so come on give it a go.

Some fans have undoubtedly benefited from some of the decisions made by Ehaw but the majority certainly haven’t and those that have aren’t going to be a turkey and start voting for Christmas.

Some anti Allam fans may not believe that the ‘stress ball’ stunt should’ve happened but direct action seems to be the only option now because as we all know dialogue and reasonable discussion has long gone and even promises to sell the club have been side-lined with excuse after excuse, in truth Ehaw doesn’t want to sell in my opinion and is acting like a spoilt child and will not go until he has pulled enough legs off enough spiders.

I understand and sympathise to a certain extent the ‘Support the team, not the regime’ core of fans and I find it hard not to support the team at home but Ehaw doesn’t care if I’m there or not because he doesn’t care about any City fan at all, not even the ones who won’t come out from the woodwork and argue his points.

We have even extended to the invitation to the owners to answer questions but they like the pro Allam brigade probably look at us like shit on their shoes, but as a totally independent publication we will continue to publish the views of fans of all sides, if only we could find an Ehaw fan…..if you know one let us know please.

Until we find one we will continue to write and print the views of anyone who wishes to waste time writing them.



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