Protesters 1 Allams 0. A victory for the militant majority

So after trying, and failing miserably, to spark some positive vibes about City following the win at Barnsley, the lads brought us right back down to earth with three miserable displays against Forest, Boro and then pathetically so via a second half collapse at Sheffield.

On the contrary to what some people have advocated on the internet over the past few weeks, blame for those defeats cannot be placed on the many protesters, stress balls, masks, anti-Allam chants or any other form of crowd animosity we saw coming from the outspoken minority—yes minority, well that’s if you believe the tripe that comes out of the Egyptians mouth, but instead on the team for the footballing ineptness we’ve recently observed.

Before you even decide on whether you are pro or anti protest, the fact that there was more black, white and amber plastic on show than that seen at a Hull FC league game told you everything you need to know. The Allam’s must go. So with that in mind, it was interesting to read the thoughts of fellow fans, in particular the mob on the Facebook forum, who were adamant that the protesters actions at the Forest game led to the 3-2 defeat of which we suffered. Comical, when you put what we’ve all witnessed this season into perspective.

These Allam sympathisers, well that’s what I’m assuming they are, as I couldn’t care less now what our results between now and the end of the season are on the basis that Ehab packs his bags and heads to Paragon Interchange quicker than I run to the front door when my kebab has arrived, are willing to put whatever spin they like on what was in all honesty a shambolic sequence of defending, and a passing routine that clearly shows the players as a team right now have about as much cohesion as a strike partnership consisting of Piers Morgan and Gary Lineker. Hardly the fault then of a few masks and squishy yellow things roughly the size of a tennis ball.

It’s quite clear then that Hull City AFC are in deep trouble. As some of you may be aware, I host a sports programme every Monday night on Hull Kingston Radio, and on the airwaves FanaticHull’s Darren Shepherd and I have maintained the opinion that relegation to League One is a distinct possibility.

Ending an away drought that lasted 427 days with a scrappy, un-entertaining 1-0 win at Barnsley, you could be forgiven for thinking City’s fortunes had changed for the better. After Oakwell, a quick glance up the table saw City could swiftly move into the top half with six points from the back to back home games that followed, and after earning a decent point away at Norwich and thumping Birmingham for six, it wasn’t an unrealistic expectation.

What the results have shown since though is that City are a much poorer side than what we thought. It’s not like we weren’t warned either. The hammering at Derby and the inability to hold onto leads with late goal after late goal conceded indicated that there are some big problems here—problems that occurred before the attendance of masks and yellow stress balls.

Unless something dramatically changes, dropping to the third tier of English football is a distinct possibility, and a scenario which will be boosted when Ehab likely accepts the sales of Jarrod Bowen and Kamil Grosicki in January, to no doubt keep up with his Lamborghini payments and trips to see a certain wing back plying his trade in the Midlands.

All of City’s problems stem from the elite hierarchy, which have left Leonid Slutsky with an almost impossible task, and you can’t put a spin on that. So leave the protesters be. If players are so precious that their performance level alters on what the crowd sing then they shouldn’t be playing professional football. Additionally, a lack of concentration and inability to hold out until the 90th minute is more to blame for our current league position, and not a few cut outs of cardboard.

Whilst the on-field stuff is worrying, the number one priority for me is getting the Allam’s out of this football club, and at whatever cost, and I genuinely mean that as they’ll always be a Hull City. Just look at Wimbledon. So instead of arguing amongst themselves on social media, City fans alike should be giving themselves one huge pat on the back right now, as the protesters took a massive victory at the Forest game.

Ehab, after looking like a dunce, literally, for all to see, is rattled. His plea for a truce shows that, which coincidentally came just before a public meeting with her majesty in Hull, and ironically featured a proposed meeting with City supporters groups that doesn’t feature one protester. You’re fooling no one, pal.


*This article first appeared in Issue 22. For more like it be sure to check out our new fanzine out at the Bristol game this Saturday.

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