Ferriby are a complete utter joke

The current situation at North Ferriby United is horrendous, and rivals that of even Hull City, and yep you guessed it, there’s an Allam involved.

Without a win in FIFTEEN GAMES, and with a fan base which is dwindling by the game faster than the exodus on the M621 when Leeds get beat at Elland Road, the Villagers are stuck at the foot of English football’s sixth tier, with little hope left of surviving the drop.

Assem Allam’s daughter and her husband Steve Forster rule the reigns here, and have shown no ambition to give this club a remote fighting chance of staying in it’s current division. There is no incentive for a fan to attend games. The team is ridiculously underfunded, with manager Steve Housham hung out to dry by the board. It’s a bit of a disaster to be honest. The club is an absolute joke. Ferriby have gone from the heights of winning at Wembley to the lows of rock bottom of the Conference North, having only scored 9 goals this year, and conceding 44. That’s terrible and not even the biggest club arselicker can surely put a spin on that.

Poor Steve Housham is the guy in the middle of it all, with the club giving him no hope of keeping this side in this league. The budget allocated is not good enough and Ferriby are exactly where they deserve to be.

Ironically Ferriby have just played against highly regarded Salford City, probably one of the most ambitious clubs in English football right now. They have already had a hugely successful documentary made about them, with the Class of 92 pumping money into the club. That investment has paid off, with the Lions sitting pretty at the top of the table, with a nice cushion on second placed Brackley. Unlike Ferriby, Salford’s squad is abundant with quality, including experienced defenders Liam Hogan and Carl Piergianni, and highly rated keeper Callum Burton who is on loan from Hull City.

Salford have also invested in Moor Lane, which has been recently developed. It reminds me of the day Ferriby went to Broadhurst Park to play FC United of Manchester for the first time and I just remember being amazed at the size of it, and experiencing a non league game with 2000+ people there – it was quite surreal.

In all honesty the contrasts between the two clubs couldn’t differ any more. But amongst everything, it shows the rapid rate of which money is being pumped into Non-League Football. Salford are prepared to show that ambition and invest, but Ferriby aren’t, so why should fans put their hard earned cash through the turnstile. Many fans who use to follow the club religiously don’t even bother anymore, and that’s says it all.

If you can’t handle that smoke, you need to get out of the kitchen, and that’s exactly what the board at Ferriby are doing. Roll on the Evi-Stick Leagues.





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