Will Ehab ever stop? Probably not..

If the systematic destruction of Hull City AFC isn’t enough, it seems that Allam the younger has decided to try and piss off every single citizen of our great City with his latest pathetic stunt, but in his own deluded little mind its in the name of OUR safety.

I’m sure you’ve all heard or read about the now infamous gate at the blue bridge that will only be open on match days due the ‘increased terrorist threat’.

I’m no terrorist but surely if there was to be a threat it would be on match days when the stadium would be rammed full with 30,000 fans (I’m using an Allam calculator) and a fucking 6ft metal fence wouldn’t stop me on non match days. It’s not even about keeping the people of Hull away from the stadium, a stadium owned by those people and not by the Kim Jong Un of Melton, it all about pushing the inept spineless council into reacting and Allam continuing his personal vendetta against individuals on the council.

He’s happy to open the gate if WE the council tax payers pay for the additional security to enable this, but wasn’t this the same man who reduced security around the KCOM as a cost cutting exercise and if security is that important and the gate needs to be shut because undesirable Bin Laden wannabes may see it as an opportunity does he open the car park and charge people to park to go to Fair? Don’t terrorists drive?

He then uses the Hull Daily Fail to say “it’s not me it’s them (the council)” who are being childish….How fucking old are you Ehaw?? And if they think they can do a better job they can buy the SMC back. The same SMC that run the stadium that the council own? Have you ever tried selling snow to Eskimo’s Ehaw?

Sounds much like other offers you made to sell the club on numerous occasions only to move the goal posts or hike the price at the last minute in order to maximise your profits, after all it must cost a lot running yachts and sports cars and enjoying the hospitality of local casinos.

Although Ehaw is totally out of order by erecting the gate, one thing that perturbs me is why don’t the council have the bollocks to stand up to the prick? They are quick enough to get Joe Bloggs from nowhereville take down a conservatory he hasn’t got planning permission for but seem very reluctant to challenge East Yorkshire’s answer to Pol Pot.

The gate is about as welcome as Ehaw himself, in fact Rolf Harris would be more welcome at a nativity play then either the gate or Ehaw are in these parts. Maybe the council should’ve employed some of the travelling fair to remove the gate and weigh it in for scrap and they could’ve taken Allam’s reputation and credibility with them and put that on the scrap heap as well, put it where it belongs.


*This article first appeared in Issue 21 of FanaticHull Football, City’s independent fanzine. New issue alert – out at the Ipswich game this weekend.

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