Allam’s Concessions compromise, It’s really all a Con!

On Friday Hull City vice-chairman Ehab Allam made a statement calling for peace and unity between the owners and the fans until the Allams finally leave the club.

To be honest, I reckon there is more chance of Donald Trump and the supreme leader of North Korea having a tea party than that happening. In true Allam style he managed to take a swipe at the fans, especially the protestors, by blaming them for the recent run of form on the field, and calling their behaviour “Unacceptable”.

When he had finished lambasting the fans he did have an announcement to make that was supposed to ease some of the fans anger towards him and his father, namely the clubs no concession policy. A new pricing structure was unveiled with small reduction in prices on child and OAP tickets. That will shut them up Ehab must have thought, but there are two pretty key issues with this statement. Firstly it’s far too little far too late and secondly and most importantly it’s not even a reduction.

Yes once again the Allams have cleverly lured fans into a trap and whilst appearing to be making a compromise on the ticketing issue they have actually not done anything of the sort. A child ticket has been reduced by £6 to £24 however they must be accompanied by an adult whose tickets have increased in price by…. You guessed it £6. Credit us with an ounce of intelligence Ehab. An adult taking one child to a game would now pay a combined price of £60 which is exactly the same as it was before and any additional children accompanying the adult would have to pay the previous adult price. In short it’s all a con.

Allam apologists may fall for this false gesture but many won’t even though Assem Allam has now had the cheek or downright ignorance to suggest that “There is not more than 200, maximum 300 people against us, the majority of fans, the silent majority I call them, are very, very appreciative of me and ask me to start coming back to games. They say, ‘We thank you for what you have done”.

We must have missed the Allam trip to the White House because Donald Trump couldn’t have made that sort of garbage up better himself. Perhaps Assem is mistaking the thousands of empty seats at the KCOM every week as his “silent majority”. He is clearly delusional and the crafty concession pricing plan illustrates that. He will now believe the issue is dealt with and we will all live happily ever after, fat chance.

Even if this was a reasonable pricing structure as mentioned earlier it’s far little far too late. The Allams burnt their bridges with the very much un-silent majority many months ago and this won’t change that. Our friends at Tigerlink summarised the situation very well, “When a football manager is about to be sacked it’s said he has lost the dressing room…. Our owners lost the fans ages ago and the proposed amnesty may be too little too late”.

They are trying to con the fans once again and still think they are in the right over “Allamgate”. Assem wants a meeting with the council who are the latest in his sights but only when they apologise. What do you want them to apologise for Assem? You were the ones who took the council signs down and locked the gate, oh no wait it was the “Pirates” wasn’t it. I want some of what Assems on if he’s seeing Pirates.

While Ehab calls for an amnesty he is likely to be met with the opposite. The protesting fans now know that he is rattled by what went on at the Nottingham Forest game and they will want to go for the jugular and why wouldn’t they? He has just tried to mug the fans off once again and City fans, the real majority, won’t stand for it.

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