Ehab wants “ALLAMS OUT” as he announces concession U-Turn

Over the past few seasons the Allams and the majority of Hull City supporters have not been singing from the same hymn sheet and that’s putting it mildly.

This afternoon though Vice Chairman Ehab Allam admitted that the Allam family want the same as the City fans, namely them to sell up and leave. It wasn’t an olive branch of unity that he was dangling though as he still took a cleverly worded swipe at the City supporters especially those who chose to protest against Nottingham Forest.

In a statement announced on Friday Ehab called for a truce between the protesting supporters and the owners, as he announced that he was backing down on concession ticketing. Despite not breaking Football League rules the lack of concession tickets at City has caused outrage and resulted in thousands of empty seats at the KCOM. That was one of several factors that sparked the protest against Forest two weeks ago and the infamous stress ball stopped play incident.

Clearly shaken by the public outcry from the protesting fans Ehab has chosen to back down on the concession ticketing issue but in his true vindictive style he cleverly blamed the fans for the Forest defeat and any future defeats, “I was saddened to see the reaction of some fans at the Nottingham Forest game and the impact that this had on our players and the performance that followed. Unfortunately, these are lasting effects that play on the minds of players, not knowing what to expect next at each game.” The players really are weak minded if they are mentally scarred for life after one brief protest, pull the other one Ehab.

New ticket pricing structure

Ehab went onto state that there should be amnesty between the fans and the owners because both parties want the same thing, “There must therefore be a reaction from the Club to avoid such further incidents spilling out on to the pitch, especially considering the common ground that we share with these same fans – namely ALLAM OUT!” The Vice Chairman clearly forgetting that they have had plenty of chances to go before they changed the goalposts at the last minute resulting in the sale of the club falling through.

The owners have vowed to engage with fan group leaders in the coming weeks to seek a resolution until the club is sold. We have heard all this before though and most City fans have learnt that Ehab is about as trustworthy as Harvey Weinstein or Prince Charles’ tax return.

He still firmly believes the SMC are in the right over “Allamgate” and has called for the public release of the headline lease and user agreements of the Stadium to show that they were within their rights to erect the lockable gate. Sometimes legality isn’t the be all and end all though and in this case Ehab was just being petty and belligerent. Just unlock the bloody gate.

Ehab refusing to back down over Allamgate

It was certainly an intriguing statement from the owner and the HCAFC protesters must be reading this with a sense of validation as it appears that for once the unflappable Ehab has had a wobble and made a U-turn. Shame the end of the Allam tenure is no nearer now than it was this morning but hey ho, baby steps.



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