Hull City’s Horrible Halloween, the week from Hell!

Stress balls, hall of shame and two back to back home defeats, it’s fair to say Hull City have taken Halloween week very seriously.

It’s been another sequence of our recent history we’d rather forget both on and off the field and an air of doom has descended over the gloomily empty KCOM Stadium – despite the made up figures the club tell you.

It all started on Saturday with the now infamous protest against the Allam ownership. Now let me be clear here I am not belittling the protest, in fact I was one of many who supported it.

Hundreds of fans marched from William Gemmell to the Super Stadium with huge flags and banners and made it clear to everyone just how they felt about the ownership. Then 19 minutes into the Forest game a sea of yellow stress balls flew onto the pitch from the North Stand end of the ground and the game was briefly halted for a few minutes.

Forest went on to win comfortably and that sparked a surge of false blame all over social media – mainly on Facebook, the internets very own Jeremy Kyle show. Those fans who chose to protest were suddenly traitors and idiots and had basically caused the team to lose which is farfetched and darn right idiotic to say the least. Other fans came out and backed the protest and that shows just how divided the fan base is. Ehab will be loving that.

protest forest
HCAFC Protest march on Saturday

The fact is the protest was a cry for help in front of the Sky Sports Cameras from a group of supporters sick and tired of being treated like dirt by the clubs owners. Name me another set of fans who have had to endure such hardship over several years. The name change, the Airco Arena, the membership scheme, Allamgate, false promises of selling up, telling theme they can die when they want, and now the Hall of Fame event.

Hull City’s fans have been restrained and dignified throughout all of this but you can only push the proud people of this city so far before they crack. If people can’t deal with a few balls being thrown onto the pitch then they better start planning their trips to Rochdale and Bury because City will be following the same path down to League One that Blackburn, Leeds and Sheffield United have trodden in recent years if the Allams don’t leave.

I admit it’s unlikely the protest will suddenly inspire someone to come to City’s rescue and even if they did Ehab would probably refuse to sell out of spite (like he already has) but sometimes you have to make your opinions known.

The protesters must have felt slightly vindicated on Tuesday night as the team dished out another shocker of a performance against Boro who won at a canter without a stress ball in sight.

Leonid Slutsky looked bereft of ideas on the touchline and most of the 15,000 crowd must have chosen to dress as empty seats for Halloween because the place looked as deserted as a haunted house by the end, the Allam legacy clear for all to see.

Empty seats: 2017’s Halloween costume of choice?

The performance again sparked debate on social media, this time Slutsky bore the brunt of it and perhaps that’s not surprising. Many now think he is out of his depth and doesn’t have a clue how to stop the club sliding down the table, while others point out he has his hands tied in many ways with the squad he was able to assemble with the £3.50 Ehab gave him to spend.

Slutsky had no experience of English football before he took this job on which smacks of sheer desperation or naivety, but most managers would struggle to wring the best out of this squad. Whichever way you look at it it’s a mess and there certainly isn’t a quick or easy solution to any of the clubs problems. Surely the week couldn’t get any worse…

Another Boro goal…

Ehab is on the warpath and has been for some time now. As Assem has faded into the background in the last 18 months, his dictatorial son has taken over and has exercised his personal vendetta with the City fans in every way he can think of.

After choosing to close a well-used walkway on the week of Hull Fair, causing disruption to all the people of Hull not just City fans, he has now sanctioned the change of name of the clubs Hall of Fame event so it’s now to be known as the “Tigers Hall of Fame”.

How many more toys has this guy got to throw out of his pram? To wholehearted agreement from people like myself, two former City captains Garreth Roberts and Ian Ashbee have refused to attend the event while the Hull City Supporters Trust have cut all ties with the ceremony, anyone surprised? I’m certainly not as they are all passionate about HULL CITY not TIGERS. What should have been a celebration of City legends has been spoilt and that is immensely frustrating.

hall of fame
“Tigers” Really?

So there you have it even by City’s standard it’s been a horror of a week on and off the pitch. Never mind though let’s look on the bright side it’s Sheffield United away on Saturday, piece of piss.

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