You said you’d sell up, so why don’t you go?

A few years ago, I used to be an ardent City fan – I went week in week out, and couldn’t hold a conversation about anything else.

I lived and breathed Hull City, and it was such an important part of my life. But now, I really aren’t bothered about City. This is partly due to falling out of love with top flight football, and partly due to the Allams.

It’s such a shame because I’m not the only one who feels this way – there are thousands of other Hull City supporters who have been driven away by completely inept owners who’s ideas are not for the good of the people.

Take the membership scheme and eliminating concession prices as an example. Football is a family game, and to make prices so much more for a whole family to attend is quite frankly stupid. In the matter of an off season, the Allams managed to isolate all kids and concessions from the Club.

Why should a 7 year old pay adults prices? It’s just not feasible. Thankfully, with the help of the Hull City Supporters Trust, the club and the Allams were sanctioned for this scheme, with the IFO “criticising the club most severely for the stance adopted and is taking up the matter with the Football Authorities”.

Not only that, but the IFO was also “critical of the customer service provided by the club”. This just shows how shockingly the Allams have dealt with criticism of the membership scheme (not acknowledging any complaints when there were) was shocking and totally not what any good owner would do.

It’s so funny how if the Allams were to keep to their word and sold up, the amount of fans who would come flooding back would be ridiculous. No matter what league City we’re playing in, there would be 20,000 there every week, like it was in the ‘good old days’. It’s devastating how a club has gone from 20,000 regulars to crowds of 14-15,000 (despite what the club puts on twitter). It’s not what the team deserve either – Leonid Slutsky and the team put 110% in every time they enter the field, and they deserve to be backed by thousands of fans week in week out and that’s just not happening.

It’s fair play to the fans who do go though – there are those who believe the team should be supported no matter what is going on off the field, and those who go make lots of noise and really get behind the team, while at the same time making their feelings towards the Allams known. It’s received national recognition and deservedly so – I cant think of many other teams’ supporters who are so passionate about getting rid of their owners.

There are no violence in the protests, it is all in good spirit, and every chant that is sung is completely true. “You said you’d sell up, so why don’t you go!” Is just one of these… Hopefully this IFO sanction is just the start of the downfall of the Allams at the helm of Hull City, with the authorities starting to take action against their stupid plans.


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