David Meyler – now he’s alright

There’s only one David Meyler, one David Meyler, he used to be shite, but now he’s alright, walking in a Meyler wonderland” is the new song that is ringing around the KCOM Stadium every week (to the annoyance of many), but this season under Leonid Slutsky, he has been more than alright.

Every time he is not on the pitch, it seems City collapse and show no form of shape or cohesion. There have been calls from many, including me, that the mad Irishman should be starting every week – and here’s why:

1.. Passion.

Meyler’s passion not only for the game, but for Hull City as a club is unprecedented. He is one who gives 110% and leaves nothing out on the field, which is appreciated by every City fan. There have been calls for him to be the club’s captain as a result of his passion, which I think would be a good call for the morale of the team as a whole. He is the joker of the team and, running simultaneously with his highly successful YouTube account, brings a decent amount of publicity to the club. His passion makes me think back to when Curtis Davies was a City player. His passion on the field was clear for all to see and at times energized the players, which is extremely similar to the role Meyler plays.

2.. Quality

What people seem to put to the back of their minds in all this is the fact that he is genuinely a good midfielder! His ability to pass a ball and his defence are fantastic, and he has a decent goal in him. He has arguably been City’s best player this season and, like I mentioned earlier, makes the team perform better whenever he plays. Yes, he is prone to a clumsy challenge but what midfielders aren’t! He has scored many good goals in a Hull City shirt, including a fantastic volley against Ipswich a couple of years ago and of course his goal that took City to their first ever FA Cup final in the semi-final in 2014. So the quality is there, Leonid Slutsky just needs to give him the game time he needs to show the rest of the league.

3.. Realism

What I like about Meyler is his honesty. He knows when he and the club are not performing well, and does not try and hide it from the media. In a recent interview on the Hull City website, he said “If I’m going to be honest and call a spade a spade, its been an average start. There’s no point in pretending that its going well, but it’s certainly not going poorly either. It could be better, that’s why I’d call it average.” That just sums him up. No beating around the bush! I think this is another reason why he is such a fans favourite and why fans want him to be captain.




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